Ahmed Wants His “Clock” Back or Else. Bring it on!

Ahmed MohamedWell, well, well, it seems our little “clock” making fraud, Ahmed Mohamed, and his parents have become agitated over all the rebuttal centered on his “science project” and are now threatening to sue to get the alleged “clock” back from the Irving, Texas Police Department.

In case you have forgotten, Ahmed is the 14 year-old whiz inventor that threw together a “clock,” put it in an 8-inch pencil case, and then took it to MacArthur High School.

He was subsequently detained by police and suspended by school officials because his clock looked more like the components needed for the construction of a bomb than anything else.

Irving Police retained possession of the “clock,” and now Ahmed and company want it back—or else!  Attorneys have been hired to bully the police into relinquishing the clock, but also to investigate whether or not Ahmed’s rights might have been violated.

In actuality, it is a good thing that Ahmed’s family is threatening to take anyone to court, because then all the details will come out as to who said and did what to make this the farce that it is.

That said, however, it is somewhat of a mystery that these individuals continue to want to make fools out of themselves.

If the wonder boy and “inventor” is such a technological prodigy, then why not let a dead dog lie and go build another “clock,” rather than really expose himself as a fraud by letting the lawyers get involved?

The claim is that “…Ahmed has been severely traumatized” by all the decisions made.  Offers have been made by Facebook, Twitter, MIT, and President Barak Obama, as well as thousands of dollars have been contributed to palliate his sensitivities.

With that kind of obsequious behavior from all the dupes, there are literally thousands, if not millions, of genuine, hard-working, or perhaps even down of their luck people, who wish they could be “traumatized” in such a manner.

What is clear, though, is that Ahmed has not even come close to trauma, yet.  He is a star of the Muslim’s and media’s making and he is enjoying every moment of it.

The trauma will begin when the lawyers start their depositions.  Then we will watch him, his complicit father (Mohamed El Hassan), and CAIR (Council on America-Islamic Relations) melt in their shoes over the ruse narrative they have created.

Therefore, I say, bring it on!  Bring on your lawsuit, so that everything that has been written exposing you for the frauds that you are will come into full light.

That will not mean that there will no longer be the toadies and sycophants walking about wailing and boo-hooing that the poor, little, MuslimCAIR “inventor” is suffering “religious persecution.”  There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.

What it will mean is that the real agenda behind this sordid saga will be exposed and maybe, just maybe, El Hassan will finally be silenced and a few CAIR representatives herded off to jail.

Whatever the case, bring it on!  We want to see what you’re really good at “inventing,” none of which has anything to do with reality or the truth.

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MA Apologetics w/ Honors, BIOLA University (2005)
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