Al Franken Groping Episode Another Presidential Attack

Paul Derengowski, ThM

In the latest attempt by the idiots on the Left side of the political spectrum to attack Donald Trump—with Democratic Senator Al Franken being on the biggest political idiots alive—a story has been concocted by former FHM (For Him Magazine), Maxim, and Playboy prostitute Leeann Tweeden, whereby she alleges that the raunchy senator groped her, in 2006, on a military airplane flight back to the United States after doing some USO performances.

There is even a convenient and non-contexual photo of Franken engaging in his salacious deed as proof. Photos with no context speak a thousand words, don’t you know?

Tweeden told an audience on KABC in Los Angeles yesterday,

Franken had written some skits for the show and brought props and costumes to go along with them. Like so many USO shows before and since, the skits were full of sexual innuendo geared toward a young, male audience.

Al Franken allegedly going for the gusto.

Imagine that. A scumbag plus a prostitute performing skits that were “full of sexual innuendo”for a bunch of young guys in the military. Sounds like something straight out of a Bob Hope/Phyllis Diller performance—not.

While prepping for their onstage rendezvous, Franken convinces Tweeden that they needed to rehearse a kiss, which they did, with a little tongue action that she supposedly did not enjoy at all.

When the live version of skit took place, she avoided the kiss by turning her head. Even prostitutes have certain standards of decency, especially when performing before their clientele.

Yet, all of that was a prelude to the ride home on the airplane, because it is there where the real action took place and Tweeden was just too tuckered out to know what was going.

While asleep, in her military helmet and Kevlar vest, Franken made his move. With camera conveniently positioned, Franken has the camera operator (who is not named) snap a photo of him putting the squeeze on Tweeden’s breasts—or at least so it appears.

Again, with no context, then anyone with a moderate ability to use Photoshop could make it appear that Franken was groping Hillary.

Oh, wait a minute. Someone has already done that. Nevermind.

Al Franken not giving Hillary a thrillary.

Later, Tweeden is shown the picture and she is flabbergasted!

How could anyone dare violate her like that?

As long as the violation is self-inflicted, by having her mug (and boobs) published on the cover of a salacious magazine, where men can grope her in their minds, then it’s okay.

Plane rides back from performances “full of sexual innuendo,” with a pervert like Al Franken, who seemingly is performing his own self-gratifying chest message on her, well, that’s something wholly other.

Now, twelve years later, it is time to express the outrage, at least so goes Tweeden’s story.

And why it is necessary? Because, what about everyone else? That is the gist of Tweeden’s rationale.

Frankly, it all wreaks of being another “fake news” story that many will gobble up, when very little, if any of it is true.

Even Al Franken is calling for an investigation, on himself no less, which means that even he knows it is bogus.

When Tweeden was asked if the creepy senator should step down, she balked. Oh, no. Now, if he thinks he should, well, okay.

Otherwise, Tweeden does not want anything from Franken or anything done to him.

So, what is the real motive behind all of this?

As pointed out before, this is about President Trump and another attempt to make a case of just how terrible of a person he is and terrible people ought not be allowed to run the country.

That womanizer has grabbed more female body parts and is bigger boob than Franken ever will be, at least according to them and their hypocritical standards, and we just cannot have someone like Trump destroying the socialist utopia that all the real perverts and prostitutes have set up.

Well, this effort will fail, too, like all the others.

Tweeden will get her additional 15 minutes of fame, amid a tawdry and fleeting career, and Franken will hopefully be shown the door.

Just think, we have three more years of these kinds of shameful shenanigans awaiting on the horizon.

With so many crying wolf these days over sexual abuse, can you just imagine how many real cases are going to be ignored, because of idiots like Al Franken and Leeann Tweeden?

UPDATE (12/7/2017): Al Franken announced that he will resign his post as Senator of Minnesota. The reason was the number of women who accused him of sexual misconduct. Unfortunately, during Franken’s resignation speech, he demonstrated an enormous amount of delusion. Hopefully, he will seek a credible biblical counselor soon.

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