Christian Apologetics

the-thinkerUse the word “apologetics” in most church settings and one is likely to be stared at as if one was a little green Martian who just climbed off a spaceship. Yet, apologetics is supposed to be as big a part of the Christian’s language as anything that might have something to do with evangelism or the communion service. In fact, to defend the faith is a command, not a suggestion. It is something that many early Christians died doing; something that few Christians participate in today, while their churches and the society in which they live, die instead.

The following articles deal with the subject of apologetics, what it is, and how it is to be practiced by Christians. While it takes much preparation and courage to defend the faith, the rewards in terms of understanding what one believes, as a Christian, as well as the complimentary addition it makes towards one’s evangelistic, preaching, and teaching efforts are eternally indispensable. So, avail yourself the opportunity to read and think through the articles. Be of great courage and love God with your whole mind. The world is waiting and watching to see why you believe what you do. Is it based on pipe dreams and a warm fuzzy, or can you “give an account for the hope that is in you, yet with gentleness and reverence”?