When Jesus Christ walked the earth, preaching and teaching his message of redemption and the coming the kingdom of God, he did so in such a manner that profoundly changed the course of human events. It was revolutionary and continues to impact the lives of human wherever his message continues to be heard.

Christianity is the outgrowth of what Jesus started when he fulfilled the law of God and accomplished full redemption and forgiveness of sins for every person who would place his or her trust in him. Although at first the term “Christian” was used as a derisive expression to demean those who placed their faith in Jesus, it is now the standard by which all other religious ideas and philosophical truth claims are to be judged. Yet, that only insofar as the Christian defers to God’s objective standard, the Bible, to make such judgments.

This particular portion of CAPro is an examination of what historic, biblical Christianity has taught down through the ages. It is not only important to understand what the Bible has to say about subjects like the Bible, God, Jesus, Man, Sin, Salvation, etc., but by grasping the fundamentals of sound Christian teaching one is equipped to defend the faith in a reasonable, intelligent, and informed manner.

Moreover, by knowing what one truly believes as a Christian, from a biblical perspective, one is prevented from being tossed about by every wind of doctrine, that is not Christian, and is less likely to become the victim of anti-Christian thinking dressed up in “Christian” or “rational” packaging.