Comey Canned

James Comey is toast, as far as continuing on as being the leader of one of, if not the highest law enforcement agency in America, the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

President Donald Trump fired him yesterday.

Of course, all of the left-leaning nuts and windbags are clamoring how unjust the decision was, given that Comey was amid an investigation centering on Russian interference in last year’s election.

Such clamoring, however, is both hypocritical and a continuation of the ruse they have chosen to use as a justification over why Hillary Clinton did not become the President of the United States.

It was Vladimir Putin’s fault!

The reality is, it is about time that Comey was canned.

Starting last summer, when he stood before America and all but indicted Hillary Clinton for her computer server scandal, whereby classified and top secret documents were contained, unprotected, and hacked by foreign entities that compromised American security, James Comey became another in a long list of corrupt administrators that needed to go.

Then, when he sat before Congressional representatives and testified using some of the dumbest reasoning possible over why he chose not to recommend Clinton be indicted – there was no “intent” demonstrated that anyone chose to break the law – it was clear he was as dirty as those he was hired to cover.

Yes, James Comey is a paid party in the Clinton corruption machine.

If the Russians had anything to do with last year’s election, it was simply the fact that they did what James Comey and the rest of the criminal element on the left end of the political spectrum wished to remain mum about or to justify, which was to expose Clinton’s illegal activities.

Now, whether yesterday’s firing of Comey will eventually lead to the indictment, trial, conviction, and imprisonment of Clinton remains to be seen.

Some, even after all that we know is true about Hillary’s illegalities, are of the opinion that she will never be indicted, which raises the double standard question all over again.

Is Hillary Clinton so untouchable that regardless of how egregious of a lawbreaker she is, she cannot be prosecuted and imprisoned?

Frankly, with the firing of James Comey, I think Mrs. Clinton is about to find out that she is not above the law and her many years of manipulating the justice system are about to come to an end or at least we can hope so.

If Donald Trump really wants to restore confidence in the FBI, he has taken the first step by getting rid of Comey.

But, there are a few more steps that must be taken to arrive at the goal.

Second, he needs to appoint an FBI Director with an impeccable record and reputation.

Trey Gowdy would be an excellent pick.

Third, Hillary Clinton needs to be held accountable for the slimy, antinomian, miscreant that she is.

She needs to be locked away for the rest of her life and never heard from again.

Then, and only then, will a vast majority of Americans agree that the goal of restoring confidence in the FBI has been achieved.

Otherwise, it will be business as usual, with this latest action of getting rid of Comey being nothing more than a dog and pony show, while adding another sordid chapter in American history.

Now that James Comey has been fired, should Hillary Clinton be indicted?

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