Left-wing Hypocrisy on Illegal Immigration  


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February 8, 2018 2:29 pm  

Paul Derengowski, ThM

Those on the left end of the political-social-theological spectrum constantly fail to recognize their hypocritical stance on obedience to the law.

Specifically, when addressing the subject of immigration law and the absolute necessity of enforcing and obeying it, those on the Left see it as oppressive, non-compassionate, and frequently anti-Christian.

What those willing to uphold and enforce the law need to do is realize that catering to or harboring an illegal alien is that it is really only about helping people, at least according to the Leftist.

We, therefore, should make exceptions for the lawbreaker, because immigration law is for someone else, not the illegal alien.

All they want is a better way of life, and well, as long as they are paying sales taxes, then that makes everything okay.

When the Leftist is asked about whether or not he/she locks his or her doors and windows at night to prevent the criminal element from traipsing through the front door and taking whatever he/she finds useful, then an affirmative response is given.

But, if Mr. or Mrs. Leftist was truly consistent, he/she would not lock anything.

In fact, he/she would remove all the locks and put a neon sign in the window inviting whomever to come on in and do or take whatever.

The fact of the matter is, laws are for the lawbreaker, and if a person expects to live in the peace and serenity of his own household or country, then those laws must be enforced, regardless of all the sob stories that are told, which are intended to do nothing but subvert the law.

Illegal aliens are lawbreakers. As soon as they intentionally wander across the border, with the sole intent of taking for their own that which belongs to another, that makes them thieves.

Worse yet, those on the Left who hypocritically sanction the breaking of immigration law are accomplices to all the theft.

Not only should all illegal aliens be rounded up and deported, every legal American citizen who aided and abetted the illegal alien should be rounded up, fined, and imprisoned.

Should the illegal alien return, he should be rounded up and deported again, with the caveat that next time he will be going home in a pine box.

Should the American citizen be caught aiding and abetting again, he should be charged with treason, which is also punishable by death.

Some might consider such punishment harsh or inhumane, but stop and think about it; the illegal alien is literally costing the American taxpayer $135 billion every year.

That is $135 billion that could be going to military veterans, who are often the most mistreated of all American citizens.

That is $135 billion that could be going toward Social Security, or the very thing that most of our elderly rely upon to eek out a pitiful existence in their waning years.

That is $135 billion that could be going to aid the homeless, the starving, and the indigent all across America.

That is $135 billion that could be going to pay down the National Debt.

That is $135 billion that does not need to be going to those who have no right to it, namely, the illegal alien.

Here is hoping that the current President of the United States, Donald Trump, stays the course and not only builds the wall on the southern border of the United States, but orders the full enforcement of immigration law, thereby preventing the mass overflow of illegal aliens into the country.

Because if he does not, then who will?

It surely will not be the Leftist-Socialist, like a Barack Obama, who is more intent on destroying America by ignoring immigration law, than preserving it through enforcement.


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