When Internet Trolls Attack  


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February 1, 2018 4:12 am  

Paul Derengowski, ThM

A person almost has to feel sorry for certain individuals who spend all their waking effort trying to garner attention for themselves as someone significant, but use vile means to do it.

Such is the case recently with an individual who labels himself a "comedian," yet his personal attacks would surely leave his mother blushing, if she realized what he was doing.

Since that individual desperately wants attention, the only kind I will afford him is a pseudonym and a parody, since real names and instances would only leave him clamoring for more, and there is no need to bolster his shallow ego any more than is necessary.

His name is Jonathan C. Wannabe and he lives in Timbuktu, Iowa.

Jonathan all but lives on the Internet, trolling for trouble, calling people names, and attempting to defame them with loaded verbiage that he thinks will get him fortune and fame.

I had the unfortunate opportunity of having Jonathan chime-in on a post I had written and shortly thereafter came under the usual barrage of profane posts that the psychologically challenged typical level when they cannot come up with a coherent, cogent response.

Before long, I was a "racist," a "pedophile," and a "hypocrite."

In fact, so were a whole host of other individuals whom Jonathan obviously did not like, simply because he could not hold an intelligent conversation with them either.

The  only saving grace was that he spared me his customary f-ing this and f-ing that he used on others.

What I have learned, though, over the course of the past 36 years of being a Christian apologist, is that those who engage in such narcissistic behavior are often making a personal confession about themselves.

Although the Jonathan's of the world wish to demean, denigrate, or destroy persons they do not like with their defamatory accusations, insinuations, and potty-mouth, what they are actually doing is telling everyone that they are the racists, pedophiles, and hypocrites.

It is why on some of my online profiles I will list that I am a "Islamophobe to Islamophiles" or that "I am a bigot to bigots," not that I truly am either one of those things, but to those who want to engage in such juvenile behavior, it is only because they have already admitted that they are Islamophiles, bigots, racists, etc., long before ever encountering me.

So, to Jonathan, I almost feel pity for you. Please note, it is only almost. Until then, for all your sleaziness and attempt to drag me down into the dismal pit that you relish, this one is for you.


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