Cults & Isms


The word is rife with false prophets, false teachers, and false religions. Thankfully, most cults and cultists often go unnoticed, as they come and go almost equally as rapid. One day a cult pops up, garners a few faithful followers, and then at the behest of the guru or leader, persuades the sycophants to commit suicide, as was the case of Heaven’s Gate. Others are more enduring, being better imitations, nevertheless just as spiritually deadly as anything Heaven’s Gate, Order of the Solar Temple, or Jonestown had to offer. It is just a matter of time.

This section on cults and isms serves as a heads-up when it comes to theological cults. A theological cult is a counterfeit, a parasite, an anomaly whose main host is Christianity. Taking basic beliefs, words, and doctrines from Christianity and then reshaping them into what the cult is, is what theological cultism is all about, with some cults being better at their counterfeiting craft than others.

A variety of cults and isms are presented here, all of which share a common thread, which is to imitate the real deal, lead people astray, and then reproduce in those naive enough to be fooled by their messages to become active cult recruiters themselves. Jesus said to “Beware” of false prophets and teachers, and his admonition should be heeded at all costs. Failure to do so is to subject oneself to the desires of “ravenous wolves” whose ultimate goal is to lead one straight to hell.