Ferguson, Missouri Rewind

The real Michael Brown from his Facebook account, which was removed by FB for ulterior reasons.

Ferguson Riots

One year ago, on August 9th, Ferguson, Missouri went into an uproar.

People were injured, buildings were looted and burned, and invectives about race were being hurled about, as if that had anything to do with why the uproar occurred in the first place.

In fact, today, what has been carefully pushed to the back of most people’s memories are the actions of criminal, Michael Brown, who walked into a convenience store, bullied and threatened the owner, and then walked out, without paying, with the items he stole from the store rack.

A short distance from the store, Brown was confronted by police officer, Darren Wilson, while Brown and a “friend” were walking in the middle of the street, causing cars to have to go around them.

Rather than comply with the officer’s request to get out of the middle of the street and walk on the sidewalk, Brown became belligerent and attempted to bully Officer Wilson.

Brown pinned Officer Wilson in his police vehicle and with the window rolled down, threw several punches at Wilson, while Wilson repeatedly yelled at Brown to stand down.

Finally, left with no alternatives, Wilson drew his service weapon, pointed it at Brown, and warned him that he was going to shoot, if Brown did not cease and desist.

Brown ignored the warning by calling Wilson a filthy name and taunting him, as if to assume that Wilson would never do such a thing as take Brown down.

The real Michael Brown from his Facebook account, which was removed by FB for ulterior reasons.

The real Michael Brown from his Facebook account, which was removed by FB for ulterior reasons.

In Brown’s mind, Wilson deserved the pummeling, just like the storeowner did a few moments prior to Wilson showing up. The world revolved around Michael Brown—at least so he thought.

Then, it happened. After regaining control of the weapon that Brown had managed to wrestle and point at Wilson, a shot rang out.

The bullet struck Brown, blood splattered, knocking Brown back a step or two; but it did not prevent him from recharging into the vehicle to pummel Wilson some more.

Wilson fired again, but missed, which caused Brown to abandon the fight and run away.

Wilson exited his car and engaged in a foot pursuit of Brown, ordering him to stop and get on the ground.

Brown, being defiant the whole time, finally stopped and turned around, but he did not get on the ground.

Instead, he foolishly charged the officer, which led to three periods of shots being fired to get Brown to comply.

One round hit Brown in the head, dropping him immediately, and ending his life.

Shortly thereafter is when all the mayhem on the streets of Ferguson would begin.

In the end, a police officer, doing his job to serve and to protect, would be forced to resign his position. Why? Because too many people do not have their priorities in order.

ML King on CharacterTo them, skin color is an issue, rather than the content of a person’s character. Does that last phrase sound familiar?

Today, those same people are still forcing their inanity upon others, lauding a criminal thug, like Michael Brown, rather than upholding that which keeps anarchy at bay.

For Michael Brown, it is too late, as he will now have all of eternity to suffer for his stupid, lawless, racist actions.

For everyone now living, the question must be asked: Did you learn anything about your priorities after hearing about Michael Brown’s demise or do you still falsely assume that skin pigment is more important than character quality?

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