Galatians 1:1-5 — Introduction

The Book of Galatians has been characterized in a variety of ways, from the battle cry of the Reformation to the Magna Carta of spiritual liberty. In fact, the great reformer Martin Luther once quipped about the Book of Galatians, “The epistle to the Galatians is my epistle. To it I am, as it were, in wedlock. Galatians is my Katherine [his wife].” Here, it is deemed the “Christian Constitution Lite” because of its affinity with the Book of Romans, which some have characterized as the Christian Constitution.

In this home Bible study, Paul Derengowski begins the venture of teaching through this great book of the Bible. It is a letter that needed to be written during the Apostle Paul’s day to combat the legalistic poison that had turned the minds of Christians away from the grace that God had called them to. It is a letter that needs to be studied today, since Christianity, through the incorporation of all kinds ungodly doctrine, has become a watered down caricature of what God intended through His grace.

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