Galatians 2:11-21 — Paul Confronts Peter

The Apostle Peter was considered one of the “pillars” of the early Christian Church. Having walked with Jesus and looked up to during the Jerusalem Council as a voice to put down legalistic teachings that were heretical, Peter served as a model of what it meant to be a Christian. That is, until he ceased to walk like one, which is possible for anyone who has ever named the name of Christ as their savior. At that point the pillar began to crumble.

The Apostle Paul, who had just written the Galatians and cited Peter and James in defense of his Paul’s apostleship, now had to address the issue of legalism, not just with the Galatians, but with Peter. Peter stood condemned! Why? Because the very Jews who had subverted the Galatian faith had hoodwinked Peter, and he needed to be corrected. Paul does just that in this developing defense of God’s grace versus Jewish legalism.

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