Greg Hardy & Selective Media Condemnation

Mention the name Greg Hardy in a crowded room and vaguely a handful of people could tell you who he was or what he does for a living. He plays professional football for the Dallas Cowboys.

For the remainder who could tell you anything, the first thing that would pop into their minds is what kind of a bad, bad man he is for beating up his girlfriend.

If one were to probe their knowledge of the subject, perhaps one or two could provide an accurate account of what took place that landed him in hot water.

Yet, over the weekend that is about all anyone heard on television, if they happened to turn on a National Football League game that had anything to do with him, especially since pictures alleging to be his ex-girlfriend were released to the media.

We were all supposed to look at the pics and automatically jump to the same arbitrary and fickle decision that those in the media wish everyone would, as the left-leaning media-types condition the public to see moral and ethical issues through their godless lenses.Greg Hardy girlfriend

What is left out of all the “gotcha” reporting is the fact that very few know anything about Greg Hardy’s ex or just what happened that caused her to end up with all the scrapes, bumps, and bruises.

You may ask, “Why does that make any difference? He’s guilty as sin and needs to be forever condemned. A man should never hit a woman.” Really? Who says, given that you have just admitted that you know nothing about what actually took place?

You see, without knowing the facts of the case—as the media tends to blind people amid its own prejudicial bias cloaked in “fair and balanced” rhetoric—then coming to a conclusion about it is ridiculous, if not unjust, at best.

Was this girlfriend the typical whore, skank, or gold digger that regularly follows around all the professional athletes looking to “score” big while they are making Boo Koo bucks, only to turn around and dump the boyfriend or, God forbid, husband when he returns to the ranks of being a normal human being?

Was she, herself, a violent kind of person who frequented the bars and parties where many of the professional athletes frequent after a big game to “socialize” with alcohol, drugs, and prostitution?

If the answer is “yes,” which is often the case, although always, then is it not possible that all kinds of evil, rot, and corruption would be lurking in the darkened recesses of the mind, as well as the actions, of such a person whose sole motive is self-gratification, even if that means, ironically, sacrificing her own dignity by spreading her legs at anything willing to jump in?

Do not get me wrong. Greg Hardy is not a paragon of moral virtue; very few professional athletes are.  However, neither are most of the fleas that want to take a ride on this dog for all that he is worth.

The real problem in all of this is the selective condemnation by the knee-jerk and self-righteous media, many of whom lead lives that are even less virtuous than those they seek to condemn.

They want to dig sensational dirt, but do so in a manner that has nothing to do with consistently arriving at the truth and everything to do with whoring after the same money that the girlfriends are after.

It is just that the latter do it while laying on their whorish backs and the former do while sitting on their pompous asses.

A word to the wise, therefore, would be to take the media’s moral condemnation about anything with a grain of salt, wait for the details, and then do as Jesus said, “Judge righteous judgment.”

By doing so, one will not get caught up in all the selective condemnation of those the media wishes to vilify for ulterior reasons (i.e. make money).

Moreover, when judgment is rendered, it will be morally consistent with what God has revealed, whether it is about money, relationships, or simply telling the truth.

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MA Apologetics w/ Honors, BIOLA University (2005)
ThM, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (2003)
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BA Pastoral Ministry & Bible, Baptist Bible College (1992)

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