Hamartiology: The Study of Sin

Paul Derengowski, ThM


“Whatever Became of Sin?” That was a question Dr. Karl Menninger asked years ago when he wrote his book by the same title. In it he observed that society has basically done away with calling sin sin, and instead resorted to toning down such a negative term by renaming sin as a “disease,” “crime,” or any one of a number of excuses for people to justify their selfish and disgusting rebellion against God. Yet, as he also observed sin is really the “transgression of the law of God; disobedience of the divine will; moral failure. Sin is failure to realize in conduct and character the moral ideal, at least as fully as possible under existing circumstances; failure to do as one ought towards one’s fellow man (Webster).”

The study of sin, therefore, is the study of man and who, what, why, when, where, and how he disobeys God. It is an ugly study of indictment that few either want to talk about, much less spend time thinking about. Instead, we have self-help gurus galore telling humanity how wonderful everyone is and if they will only think positively about themselves, then they can either reach their full potential as humans and their relationship with the “higher power” will be wonderful as well. Such blithering disregard for a topic that led to the fall of man and culminates with God damning the wicked for eternity in the Lake of Fire has further resulted in societies which accepts or helps to foster sins like “gay marriage,” legalized gambling (i.e. the lottery), legalized drug abuse, rampant pornography, juvenile delinquency and disrespect, judicial injustice and lawlessness, political perversion and cronyism, media mind manipulation, moral and cultural relativism and “diversity,” and on, and on, and on.

Yet, at the Christian Apologetics Project, sin is still sin. It is not a sickness nor a disease. It is willful, wicked rebellion against a holy God who will hold all accountable for their transgressions. Sin is not something to be embraced or endorsed, but to be shunned and condemned. It is a devious fantasy that lures its victims into a false sense of security, only to deliver a death blow when the time is right.

Therefore, be advised, that should you read through the following essays on sin, they are discussions about the natural human condition. A condition which if not resolved by the gracious intervention of God, will leave the person standing condemned before God, forever separated from God, which was promised long ago would happen, should one decide to disobey God.

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