Hillary’s America

My wife and I went to see Dinesh D’Souza’s latest documentary, this time dealing with the history of the Democratic Party leading up to the presidential candidacy of Hillary Clinton.

At first I was somewhat hesitant to go, thinking that this would be a waste of time and resources.

By the time it was over, I was teary-eyed, awestruck, and ticked-off.

The documentary starts out with Dinesh being prosecuted for feloniously reimbursing two friends for giving too much money to another friend running for political office.

It is a true story.

Dinesh ended up spending eight months in a “community confinement center,” along with five years probation, where he did community service and underwent counseling for his dastardly deed.  He also paid a $30,000 fine.

What his conviction was more likely about was his exposure of the corrupt Obama political machine, which mostly came through a movie he helped to produce in 2012 entitled, “2016: Obama’s America.”

So, “Hillary’s America” begins with him recounting his days in the confinement center, thinking back on what lesson he was supposed to have learned from challenging the scum that has hoodwinked a majority of Americans into believing it has their best interest in mind.

His contemplation leads him to wonder just what the historical roots were for the Democratic Party, which leads him back to the days of Andrew Jackson and the Democrats condoning of slavery prior to the Civil War.

From that point onward, whether talking about slavery and the formation of the Ku Klux Klan, women’s suffrage and voting, the eugenics of Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood, to the early days of the boss mobs in Chicago and Saul Alinsky, all of the corruption we see plaguing America today may be placed at the feet of Democratic Party.

Of course, that summation is very broad.  So, I implore you to see the movie.  There is too much, well-documented, meticulous information in the movie itself that cannot be fully explained in a short blog article.

What can be said is that Hillary Clinton is a part of that corrupt political/ideological behemoth, as she has taken advantage of the opportunity to rewrite some of ideas she had learned from the subversive, Saul Alinsky, when she was much younger, whereby now she wants to tap into the “free food” she thinks she deserves and can take it from everyone else at their expense.

Her “Progressive” (aka Communist) ideology is funded, in part, by her Clinton Foundation that not only stole (and continues to steal) people blind, but continues to leave many of those same people, who were supposed to receive support through private contributions, in desperate need.

She, like a two-bit, television evangelist, has capitalized on tragedy, while playing on the sympathies of those wanting to help those in need, by abusing charity.

A classic example of such damnable corruption occurred shortly after the devastating earthquake in Haiti.  Millions of dollars were donated, but barely 10%, if that, of the money ever reached the Haitians.

Instead, it went into the Clinton coffers to pay for Bill and Hillary’s disgusting lifestyles or it was used to build factories in Haiti that had nothing to do with alleviating suffering and everything to do with providing jobs for those employed by the Clinton Foundation.

To this day, the Haitians are still wondering where the money went, even though it is quite obvious after viewing this documentary, we know.

It is also one of the reasons why Hillary failed to come to the aid of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens, when he and his security entourage were mercilessly attacked, beaten, raped, and murdered in Benghazi, Libya.

She could not capitalize, financially, from the terrorism.  So, she did nothing to render aid, and then moved to cover it all up.

Part of that cover-up has come through manipulating individuals, like FBI Director James Comey, who is a member on the board of directors at the HSBC (Hongkong-Shanghai Banking Corporation).

HSBC is intimately connected to the Clinton Foundation.  Comey was receiving a $250,000 stipend to serve on that board.

Ultimately, the goal of Hillary is to steal America, according to D’Souza, and turn it into a national plantation, much like the early Democrats did when they forced the native American Indians into reservations and bullied the Negroes into servitude on plantations in the south.

Hillary seeks full control over everything, whether we are talking about health care, finance, education, religion, where you work, or God forbid, how many children you will rear, much less who you will marry.

What we have in Hillary is what the Communists had in Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, and Joseph Stalin, even though they were not mentioned in the movie explicitly.

They were implied, however.

If Hillary and the Clinton war machine against America is not stopped by the American people, she will literally steal their livelihoods and they may never, ever get them back.

“Hillary’s America” is an eye-opener, even though it left me wondering, “Just what can I do with the information I just witnessed?”

Voting is not going to be enough.

When I discover an answer, I will share it, along with suggestions at a later time.

Until then, you need to see the movie.  Then, you need to ask yourself the same question.

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