Homosexuals and Satanists Attempt to Bully CAPro

About a month ago, I wrote a three-part response to Laramie Pridefest that I relabeled as “Queer”fest 2017 Laramie. In those articles I was highly critical of the event, which some took exception to on social media. It was not long until several of the fruitcakes that lauded the event began to respond to my responses, all of which were hostile in their personal attacks. How dare anyone offer criticism of something as wholesome as homosexual glory coupled with satanic support—literally! Interestingly, but not surprisingly, none of them dealt with any of my arguments.

As of this morning, the hostility continues, but once again, it is all born out of misguided emotion and the hostile’s attempt to bully me and CAPro into silence. A case in point is found in an email written to CAPro by a Skylar Evans, who advertises himself as some kind of death metal musician on Facebook. He is apparently also involved with a satanic group in Laramie, whose leader attempted to bully CAPro with a few incoherent comments he thought would produce favorable results. He failed in that attempt.

Skylar wrote the following, which he also published on Facebook,

First of all, he claims to have read the article, but then also claims it was “inaccurate” and spreads lies. But he offers no specific examples of just what those lies and inaccuracies were. And why did he not provide specifics? Because there are none.

Second, he attempts to speak for a Jay James, who was one of the characters featured in Article #3, “Coming to the Aid of a Satanist Only Gets you Burned.” Jay was one of those who decided to mouth-off on his keyboard over on Facebook, shortly after I wrote Article #1, and at the behest of one of his/her/its friends. When he/she/it was rebutted and exposed for both his/her/its irrational commentary and lifestyle, then all of the sudden he/she/it wanted to play the victim.

Jay wrote this early this morning, shortly after Skylar decided to send off his threatening email,

Please note, Jay never explicitly states what harm was done or what sin was committed by telling the truth about homosexuality. If anything, Jay is parroting the mantra from WICCA, which is an adaptation of Satanist Aleister Crowley, years ago, when he wrote and the witches repeat, “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law,” so long as it harms no one.

What both Jay and Skylar fail to realize is that (1) when you mouth off, whether in person or in print, you are open to be criticized, and (2) we live in the United States, where free speech is protected. So, if you do not want to be criticized, then do not be mouthing off.

Back to Skylar’s numbskull comments, he claimed that an article cannot be written about a minor without the minor’s consent. In fact, Jay attempted the same tactic, claiming that unless a minor gives consent, then it is somehow illegal to write about them or their activities. What makes their appeal laughable is that if what they are saying is true, then most sports sections in all small town papers, like Laramie’s, would dry up and blow away. Add to that the number of articles written, without the consent of the minor, on various civics activities in both public and private schools would disappear.

Please note also, both Skylar and Jay seem to be under the impression that it is okay to continue to proffer their commentary without rebuttal. Again, sorry gentlemen (women), but freedom of speech and press do not work that way. It is not a one way street. If you open up and make a comment, and someone else does not like it, then regardless of your age, you are subject to criticism and rebuttal. So, if you cannot handle the heat, as the expression goes, then stay out of the kitchen.

Finally, to top it all off, Skylar wrote, “we will take legal action against you if it’s not taken down immediately.” My response is, “Go ahead; make my day.” Please keep in mind, though, what appears in the CAPro Disclaimer, which has been on the site since its inception and was written for those just like Skylar, Jay, et al who think that they can abuse the legal system to bully their way to victory and glory.

Legal communications are accepted via registered snail mail (regular mail) only. Harassment, intimidation, and threats of legal action (real, veiled, or perceived) will be made public, and will be used as evidence in any subsequent court case.

That stipulation has been fulfilled with the writing of this article.

Of course, Skylar and Jay, being the legal scholars that they are, should have taken the time to read the disclaimer. Nevertheless, I will be waiting patiently to hear from their attorneys.

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