It Matters What You Trust

Yesterday, an article was written to demonstrate just how far askew the artist formerly known as Prince was in his religious belief system.

He was an avowed Jehovah’s Witness and Jehovah’s Witnesses either deny or distort every major biblical doctrine that forms the basis of historic, orthodox Christianity.

Needless to say, some did not enthusiastically agree with the summation.

Some were indignantly direct by telling me to “Shut up,” as Mario MoMo Bernal wrote.

Since Jesus and his apostle warned us about false prophets and teachers yesteryear, then why should any Christian “shut up” about them today?

Has something changed in terms of truth and error, whereby both are now acceptable approaches to God, religion, and spiritual life?

If not, then it is not the Christian who needs to “shut up,” but those with the bellicose denials of the truth that need to do so.

Others, though, were ridiculously self-contradictory in their comments, as was the case of a Rhonda K. Taylor, who wrote, “Your ‘truth’ is not necessarily anyone else’s truth…or even ‘the truth’ at all.”

She then went on to claim to be someone who “personally kn[e]w Christ,” until it was pointed out that her commentary was indicative of someone who did not know him at all.

Jesus is the truth, Rhonda!  And the Jesus that Prince was following is not the Jesus of the New Testament.

Yet, Rhonda, like so many these days, wished to relativize the truth and create a Jesus out of thin air that she could manipulate.

Sorry, but the biblical Jesus does not work that way.  He is not an idol of your own making.  He is the way, the truth, and the life, and no one comes to God but through him (Jn. 14:6).

Finally, some responded in a more vicious and hostile manner, as Ms. Anne Thorpe did with her gem of a retort.

Hostile_Prince_responsePlease forgive the copy and pasting of her potty post, but I think it is indicative of just what Prince genuinely inspired through his beliefs, his actions, and his music.

First of all, only those who are “stupid” of what is in the “book” would call it “stupid.”

Remember those famous words, “Stupid is as stupid does,” and you will get the picture.

Second, it was not anyone’s capricious judgment that sent Prince to hell.  It was his own faulty belief system that landed him there, just as it will be for all JWs, as well as those with similar beliefs.

God is triune.  Prince did not believe that.  Jesus is the Creator, not a creature.  Prince did not believe that either.  Salvation is by grace, not works.  Prince did not believe that as well.

Finally, one who is alive cannot enter hell “faster” than Prince, since he is already there.

In fact, the biblical Christian cannot enter hell at all, since what a biblical Christian believes about God, Jesus, salvation, and a whole host of other essential doctrines, are the polar opposite of what Prince, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, and apparently Anne Thorne believes.

In other words, it matters what a person trusts in respect to religious beliefs.

One cannot pick and choose what he believes, or simply distort or deny what is plainly taught in the Bible, and expect to enter the portals of heaven one day after he dies.

There is more to believing in Jesus than merely mouthing the words.  There is commitment foreordained and implemented by God from before the foundation of the world.

Moreover, to believe in Jesus is to beware of those who teach doctrines contrary to the person and teachings of Jesus himself.

Clearly, as pointed out before, the Jehovah’s Witnesses advocate a Jesus that is antithetical to the one taught in Scripture.  He is a creature in their view, not the Creator!

Therefore, the JW Jesus cannot save anyone, much less Prince.

So, despite all the blunt, contradictory, and mean-spirited responses, the fact remains the same.

If Prince truly trusted in Watchtower Bible and Tract Society doctrine, as a Jehovah’s Witness, then when he died April 21, 2016, sadly he entered hell, not heaven.

And that despite all the pretentious charades in his honor or vitriolic commentary from those attempting to make him out to be something that he was not.

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