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Bruce_Jenner_ABCThe next step in the desensitization of the American public to accept homosexuality as normal is the push by the homosexual lobby and the diabolical media to get everyone focused on “transgender” people.  Tonight, on ABC, Diane Sawyer helped that agenda along by interviewing wannabe woman, Bruce Jenner.

According to Sawyer, a vast majority (85%) of Americans know of someone who is homosexual, but only about eight percent know of someone who is transgender.  That statement in itself said more about the motives of Sawyer and ABC than anything Bruce Jenner had to say.

Way back in the 70s, when I was in High School, I remember watching the ’76 Summer Olympics and Bruce Jenner perform.  He was awesome, winning several gold medals for the United States as an all-around track athlete.  In fact, I remember painting a replica of him in art class holding the United States flag while circling the track in his victory lap.

After his big hoorah back then, he went on to stardom in a variety of television shows.  Eventually, he would marry Kris (Houghton) Kardashian, of Keeping Up With the Kardashian fame, and all the trash that would come along with that clan.

Now, with this latest stunt of claiming to be some kind of “transgender,” and all the confusion coming from it, he wants to be a woman and is apparently taking steps to become one.  Of course, the media loves it, fawning all over him as if he was another in a long list of saviors to redeem them from all those straight-laced, Bible-toten, fundamentalist Christians.

Well, Bruce, not only are you one of the homeliest “women” to ever live, you are one of the most pitifully confused human beings that has ever existed.  And that confusion has rubbed off on your children, which makes you just that much more pitiful.

Such is the way of the perverse, and the world, anymore.  Clamoring to be accepted as normal, they only become that much more abnormal and rejected.  Oh, it is not that those without a moral compass refuse to embrace all the perverts.  It is that God has already judged them as abnormal, rejected their attempt at exaltation, and given them over “to degrading passions” (Rom. 1:26).

Of course, the spiritually degenerate will come back that God loves everyone and that only the “haters will hate.”  But, that kind of retort fails to acknowledge what God has long since revealed on the subject, which is His revulsion of sexual immorality of all kinds, including those who implicitly accuse God making a mistake when He created whomever to be a particular sexual gender.

After thirty minutes of watching the swill, I had to turn it off.  Bruce, a one-time American hero, is now caught up in all that is wrong with too much of the American psyche.  He has exchanged the truth for a lie and is now worshiping and serving the creature rather than the Creator.  God have mercy upon his confused soul when he stand before Him to give his accounting of why.

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