Making America Great

After all the hubbub the previous week surrounding the Republican In Name Only Convention, we endured another week’s worth of revelry and fanfare at the Demon National Convention.  As Yakov Smirnoff would say, “What a country!”

Such excitement and inspiration caused me pause to reflect on the Donald’s (Trump) slogan, “Make America Great Again,” and just what is being proposed by word and past actions that these illustrious wannabe leaders wish for us to either ignore or accept that will make America great again.

It almost leaves one with a shiver running down one’s spine, all things considered.

For instance, when it comes to the things of God, an eclectic mishmash of ideas and theologies is better than the unadulterated revelation provided by God of who He is and what He expects of us.

Jesus is relegated to the realm of an idol—not as the way, the truth, and the life of God—where he can be manipulated into conversations, but never come out on top in any decision-making process.

There is nothing greater than a country that has lost its spiritual way, with the name of Jesus on its citizen’s lips, but their hearts are far, far removed from him.

Second, aside from shunning God, we will build our campaigns around ignoring the defense of the Constitution.

Oh, it is not that we will not mention it out of convenience.  We do not want to sound too unpatriotic, right?

It is that it will not be foremost on our minds.  Heaven knows that if true Americans did make it the centerpiece of our political proselytization effort of possible voters, that would both expose us and our opposition as to where everyone really stood on the subject.

Worse yet, if our candidate ever did become President, we would be subject to all kinds of questions we did not want to answer, particularly when it came time to imposing policies and laws upon the people that are unconstitutional.

Third, let us minimize the value of personal character and exalt the more virtuous traits of lying and deceit.

After all, no truly great country can survive by merely knowing, exalting, and telling the truth, as well as living according to our word.

We just do not have that kind of integrity anymore, as everything must be written down in black-and-white, as if that really matters either.

Dog-eat-dog, “survival of the fittest,” and the ends justifies the means are the true axioms of a great society.

It is what many of us have been taught since grade school days, when we heard that we all crawled up out of some cosmic swamp somewhere and evolved unto our present greatness.

Since truth is relative and there are no absolutes, which is a contradiction in itself, then lying and deceit are permissible as we exhibit to the world just how wonderful we are.

Yes, what a country we live in, when idolatry, lawlessness, and immorality are the three pillars upon which we base our greatness.

Is it any wonder that so many are flocking to the United States?

Or could it be that they are coming here because they know that such pillars are the Achilles heal they can take advantage of, as the country slowly devolves into a weakened, indefensible shell of its former self with no possible recourse lest we repent?

Frankly, my money is on the latter.

So, give us Hillary or Donald, it does not really matter.  The United States has lost its way amid its “greatness,” or at least the promised restoration of it.

Let the last leg of ignorance, lawbreaking, and lying (aka “campaigning”) commence, as we head for November.

It is what makes America great, don’t you know?

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President, Christian Apologetics Project
PhD Candidate, Northwest University (2018)
MA Apologetics w/ Honors, BIOLA University (2005)
ThM, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (2003)
MDiv, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (2000)
BA Pastoral Ministry & Bible, Baptist Bible College (1992)

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