Mormon Research

The following papers, articles, books, theses, etc. are provided here for those who may not have access to a library where they may be obtained. Much of the material is antiquated, but valuable for understanding the foundations for Mormon development. None of the views presented in any of these works necessarily represent the views of CAPro, but are provided purely for information and research purposes. All resources are in PDF format.


A Brief History of the Church of Christ of Latter Day Saints – John Corrill

American Antiquities: Discoveries In The West – Joseph Priest

Address to All Believers in Christ – David Whitmer

An Analysis of Textual Changes in the Pearl of Great Price – Walter L. Whipple (masters thesis)

Ancestry and Posterity of Joseph Smith and Emma Hale – Mary Audentia Smith Anderson

Biography and Family Record of Lorenzo Snow – Eliza R. Snow

Document Containing the Correspondence Orders &c in relation to the disturbances with the Mormons

Early Days of Mormonism – James Kennedy

Elders Journal 1837-38

Excerpt of Edward Hunter’s Faith Steward – William E. Hunter

Evidence Taken on the Trial of Mr Smith Before the Municipal Court of Nauvoo

General Joseph Smith’s Appeal to the Green Mountain Boys

Gleanings by The Way – John A. Clark

Heber C Kimball Journal

Joseph Smith and Egyptology – John A. Larson

Journey of Priddy Meeks – Utah Historical Quarterly

Latter-day Saints Messenger and Advocate

Millennial Harbinger Vol. 1

Millennial Harbinger Vol. 2

“Mormon History Text Colour and Rites” – Douglas Davies Journal of Religious History

Mormonism in All Ages – Jonathan Turner

Mormonism Portrayed Its Errors and Absurdities Exposed – William Harris

Mormonism Unveiled – John D. Lee

Narrative of the Some of the Proceedings of the Mormons (1) – Catherine Lewis

Narrative of the Some of the Proceedings of the Mormons (2) – Catherine Lewis

On American Soil or Mormonism the Mohammedanism of the West – Jenny Willing

Pearl of Great Price 1851 ed.

Sidney Rigdon: Early Mormon – Daryl Chase (masters thesis)

Temple Mormonism– A. J. Montgomery

Testimony of Important Witnesses: The Reed Smoot Hearing

The Founder of Mormonism – Riley Woodbridge

The Influence of Sidney Rigdon Upon Mormonism – Joseph White (masters thesis)

The Mormons or Knavery Exposed – E. G. Lee

The Rise Progress and Travels of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints – George A. Smith

The Rocky Mountain Saints – T.B.H. Stenhouse

The True Origin of the Book of Mormon – Charles A. Shook

Travels of Cyrus: Pt. 1

Travels of Cyrus: Pt. 2

Tullidges Histories: Vol. 1

Tullidges Histories: Vol. 2

The Women of Mormonism – Jennie Anderson Froiseth

View of the Hebrews – Ethan Smith

Voice of Truth – Joseph Smith

What’s Going on in There? – Chuck_Sackett


Missouri Historical Review

1910 01 “A Short Biographical Sketch of Lilburn W. Boggs by His Son

1910 07 “Mormon Troubles in Missouri-Herman” – C._Smith

1914 07 “Mormon Troubles in Carroll County” – Susan H. Whiteman

1919 01 “Early Days on Grand River and the Mormon War First Article” – Rollin J. Britton

1949 07 “The Evening and The Morning Star” – Loy Otis Banks

1919 04 “Early Days on Grand River and the Mormon War Second Article” – Rollin J. Britton

1962 10 “The Saints Build a Temple” – Roger Yarrington

1963 10 “Attempts by the State of Missouri to Extradite Joseph Smith 1841-1843” – George R. Gayler

1966 07 “The Wilson Letters 1835-1849” – Durward T. Stokes

1966 10 “Isaac McCoy and the Mormons” – Warren A. Jennings

1968 01 “The Army of Israel Marches Into Missouri” – Warren A. Jennings

1969 10 “The Expulsion of the Mormons from Jackson County Missouri” – Warren_A._Jennings

1970 10 “Senator George Graham Vest and The Menace of Mormonism 1882-1887” – M._Paul_Holsinger

1971 04 “Jackson County in Early Mormon Descriptions” – Richard Lloyd Anderson

1971 10 “Missouri’s Utopian Communities” – H. Roger Grant