Mormon Temple Endowment Ceremony: Occult Ritual in Flux

Paul Derengowski, ThM


Temple Endowment Handshake

Secret handshake from beyond the veil

One of the most occult (i.e. hidden) rituals performed in Mormon Temples around the world is known as the Endowment Ceremony. Contrived by Joseph Smith while he was in Nauvoo, Illinois, and just before his death, the importance to Mormons cannot be underestimated. To them their very salvation depends upon it.

As an occult practice, though, only those who are “temple worthy” Mormons have ever seen what goes on within the walls of the Mormon Temple. All outsiders are forbidden. According to the Encyclopedia of Mormonism, there are “four main aspects” of the ritual.

First, preparatory washing and cleansing of the participant for the express purpose of entering the temple to receive the “sacred” his/her temple clothing.

Second, a series of discourses and lectures performed in the temple by various church workers, who depict a range of characters from Adam and Eve to God the Father himself. “The endowment instructions utilize every human faculty so that the meaning of the gospel [at least according to Joseph Smith and Mormonsim] may be clarified through art, drama, and symbols.”

Third, covenant making. It is this aspect of the ritual which is most reminiscent of Freemasonry, as the participant engages in series of handshakes, testimony, and conversation, all of which were culled from the various levels of Freemason introduction and indoctrination.

Fourth, sensing the “Spirit’s” presence. As noted elsewhere, in Mormonism, everything is about feelings. If it feels true, the the “Spirit” must be behind it. If something feels awry, then surely it cannot be of the “Spirit,” and should be avoided. It is the Endowment Ceremony that the Mormon hopes to receive the necessary spiritual instruction in order that he may return into the presence of Heavenly Father, with a further hope of becoming a god, himself, one day.

The Video

The video below was captured by “Mike,” who is a former Mormon, using a hidden camera. “Mike” was contacted by CAPro to garner permission to post the video here. His video may be seen on YouTube as well by searching the user name: Newnamenoah.

The video itself is one-hour and thirty-five minutes in length. It covers entrance into the temple area itself where the Endowment ritual is carried out unto entrance in the Celestial Room at the end. The particular version rendered here is close-captioned so that the viewer may follow along by reading the actual comments being made.

So, grab a cup of mojo and pull up a chair. You’re about to see something that very few have been able to see outside Mormondom until recently. The occult ritual that Mormons believe is one of the first steps toward godhood: The Temple Endowment Ceremony.



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