Morons and Mayhem in McKinney

McKinney_Officer_TakedownAs if we all have not had enough of this already, now comes the story of more mayhem created by a bunch of juvenile punks in McKinney, Texas.

What should have been nothing more than a private pool party celebrating some graduated students turns into a raucous go-around with the police, with a video showing a police officer having to get rough with some of the rabble-rousers to finally bring everything back into order.

Of course, the left-leaning media, who loves to stoke the fires of lawlessness, discord, and racism, were all over this, reporting one false claim or charge after another, all in an effort to damn the police officer (Corporal Eric Casebolt) who took down the unruly punk.

What is missing in much of the reporting is the initial fight that broke out between two women (mothers?) at the pool party that led to the calling of the police.

Also, there was apparently a DJ who had been called in to play loud, obnoxious music adjacent to the pool, for hours, and was sending out “tweets” inviting teens to come join the party, even though it was not his prerogative to do so, nor were the teens to be there anyway.

Finally, what is obvious from the seven-minute and nineteen-second video are the number of commands the officer issued to the teens to leave the area that went unheeded.

In fact, the girl who was finally subdued was told five or six times to leave, but chose to disobey and parade herself about as if to intentionally ignore the demands.

Then, just prior to her having her face planted in the grass by the officer, she obviously said something that drew his ire, which led to her ending up on the ground, restrained.

Of course, aside from two teen girls who unwisely, if not illegally, came running to her aid, there were two boys who did one of the most stupid things anyone could do, and that was charge the officer from his blind side.  That is when he drew his weapon and they ran.

By drawing his weapon, though, is really what all the hubbub is about.  But, just stop and think about it.  There are several mouthy, unruly, non-compliant teens who have surrounded a police officer doing his duty, and two of them attack the officer from the rear.

Either one of those teens could have gone for the officer’s gun—remember Michael Brown?—and accidentally or intentionally shot him or someone else, perhaps even the girl on the ground.  Then what?

The point is, the officer did what he had to do to quell a potentially volatile situation, all of which started with the girl(s) failure to comply the first time they were told to leave.

The boy punks ran, even though one (or both) was subsequently caught by two other officers and returned to the scene in handcuffs.

All of this almost seemed staged.  From the DJ, to the mothers, to all the unruly teens, although chaotic in nature, had the appearance of being orchestrated for the specific goal of capturing video of the police engaging in actions that the criminal element in society tries to use to justify its criminality.

Yet, this also seems to be where America is headed, where the prisoners are ruling the prison and the law-abiding citizen is just supposed to put up with it.

As I noted elsewhere, there are some idiotic teens that are fortunate to be alive today.  All it would have taken was one of them to pull a stunt like we have seen recently with Michael Brown, and certain racist media whores would have been all over the airwaves singing the blues of injustice, even though their own video shows quite clearly who was not in compliance.

The solution, however, to all of this is quite simple.  Fathers and mothers need to start acting like fathers and mothers by training up their children in the way they should behave.

Proverbs 22:6 makes that clear: “Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old he will not depart from it.”

Second, part of that training involves respect for those whose responsibility it is to uphold the law and keep civilization civilized.

They should not explicitly or implicitly encourage little Donte or Meisha to intentionally go out of their ways to exercise their presupposed rights when a police officer shows up, which is often interpreted to become obstinate and obscene.

When a police officer tells a teen not one time, two times, three times, four times, five times, but six times to do something, only to have that teen smart off to the officer, then that is not showing respect for law, law enforcement, or anyone’s rights.

That teen is a law-breaking renegade without a cause and deserves whatever action is necessary to bring him/her back into the real world, if not simply placed in the nether world for truly stupid acts of aggression whereby another person’s life is in danger, officer or otherwise.

What took place in McKinney, in other words, is what is taking place in a growing number of homes.  Parents are failing their children and their children are finding out, first hand, just how badly they have been failed.

Officer Casebolt is currently on administrative leave while another investigation takes place, the former of which is totally unnecessary.

It would not be vain speculation to find out that when all the paper-pushing is done to discover several criminal actors involved and that is was orchestrated.McKinney-police-dfw-generic

Until then, Eric Casebolt will be treated like Darren Wilson and I would not be surprised to see him resign, as well.

It is what the prisoners want, but are soon to find out that wanting is not always necessarily as pleasant as having.

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