Muslim Professor Gone Wild at Tarrant County College

Paul Derengowski, ThM

At least by all initial appearances an adjunct professor of astronomy at Tarrant County College, Northeast Campus, in Fort Worth, Texas, has left orbit and entered the Islamic stratosphere.

Daniel Mashburn, from his Facebook page

Daniel Mashburn, face and hands hidden, apparently underwent a Dawah moment that he just could not resist and began blubbering about all things Islam and then tried to link it to the course which he was hired to instruct, which was astronomy.

As students squirmed and fled from his classroom, he continued an incoherent rant about the Koran, Allah, and so forth that ultimately led to the police showing up and asking him a few pertinent questions along the lines of, What are you doing? Have you lost your mind?

Later, when FOX4 News reporter Brandon Todd showed up at Daniel’s apartment to query him, Daniel would not leave the balcony of his apartment, much less allow Brandon in the front door.

For that move, I give Daniel credit, as Brandon Todd is pretty much a low-level slime in his own right, having dealt with him personally, when I was going through my ordeal with TCC and the Muslims back in 2011.

Anyway, Daniel still incoherently rambled in response to Todd’s questions, which probably lasted for the better part of an hour.

That is how long Todd interviewed me, in my house, not on the balcony, to only rush back to the FOX studio and do a hatchet job on the interview, whereby the public might have seen about 15 seconds worth of carefully edited material to demonize the interviewee.

Daniel was frisked by the police and found to not be carrying any guns, knives, bombs, or other paraphernalia that Muslim terrorists are known to craftily put together for up-close and personal encounters with the infidels.

So, Daniel was not arrested. He was suspended, though, according to Daniel, which is probably about as far as TCC officials will go with him.

Why do I draw such a conclusion?

Because if TCC fired this Islamic chap, they would have the local chapter of CAIR—Council on American-Islamic Relations or one of the main terrorist fundraisers in America for Hamas—to deal with, and from prior experience with both TCC and CAIR, TCC is afraid of CAIR, if not in bed  with it.

If TCC fired Daniel, then Daniel would sue TCC for wrongful termination and given that he is a Muslim, all unholy hell would break loose, funded by a Muslim PR machine that would make “Clock Boy” (Ahmed Mohammad, formerly of Irving, Texas) look like an infidel himself.

Besides, TCC is not really concerned about the welfare of anyone but TCC. That became evident when I was teaching. My students and I were expendable, so long as the Muslim students who caused the commotion were protected.

My prediction is that Daniel will either serve out his suspension and be allowed to continue on, perhaps even teaching a religion course, just so that any bad publicity is averted.

Or, Daniel will finally get fed up making repeated visits to the soup kitchen and move on to another teaching position elsewhere.

A Daniel Mashburn supporter from Facebook

In an ideal world, though, the FBI, Department of Homeland Security, and local law enforcement officials ought to start a file on this guy, because it is Muslims like Daniel who are the loose canons that ultimately tip over and explode.

The student who panicked, when she saw Daniel fumbling around in his pockets, was completely warranted in her gut reaction and subsequent exit from the room.

Unless this guy was putting on an act deserving of an Academy Award, then he needs to be watched very closely.

Otherwise, as I predicted seven years ago, someone is going to get killed at Tarrant County College, maybe even a whole bunch of someones, and it is because of guys like Daniel Mashburn.

All I will write then is, I told you so.

What should Tarrant County College now do with Daniel Mashburn?

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