Next Time It Will Not Just Be a “Clock”

Ahmed Mohamed

Ahmed Mohamed

This last week the “radical Muslim” element sure had lots of people siding with them.  Oh, they were not sanctioning suicide bombings or beheadings or anything like that.  They were merely being suckered into believing something that was predicated on a fraud, and the masses swallowed the lie, hook, line, and sinker.

Of course, I am referring to the events surrounding 14 year-old Ahmed Mohamed and his faux clock building effort that caused a furor, not because of his technical savvy, but because of how the “radical Muslim” sold it.

In case you have been sleeping in a cave somewhere in outer Alpha Centauri, Ahmed Mohamed is a High School freshmen at MacArthur High School in Irving, Texas.  You know, the same fair city where Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne shut down a Muslim court system that attempted to settle Muslim cases according to Sharia Law, rather than the laws of the land.

Young Mohamed decided, for ulterior reasons it appears, to throw together a bunch of electronic parts he had culled from various sources, including a mid-1980s Radio Shack clock, put it all in an 8-inch pencil case and take it to school, unbeknownst to anyone, including his teachers.

Ahmed's Clock

Don’t worry; it’s just a “clock.”

It was at school that his teachers feared that he had constructed a bomb, who then notified school officials, and the Irving police.  Ahmed’s device was confiscated and he was questioned by police what the device was, why he built it, and what was its purpose.  When Ahmed stonewalled them, he was arrested.

Although no formal charges were brought against him (even though they should have been), he did serve a school suspension.  It is unclear whether he is going to return to MacArthur, as he and his “radical” father, Mohamed El Hassan, keep hinting on tranfers, homeschooling or whatever.

Since his arrest, all of the hubbub surrounding this kid has been almost unbelievable.  Aside from all the Muslim sycophants who propped him up as some kind of victim of religious discrimination, the number of idiots who chimed in with praise and offers of support has been equally unbelievable.

Microsoft, Twitter, MIT have all made offers of one kind or another, with none of them apparently caring that the whole story is based on a lie.  Ahmed never created anything, much less a clock, and the real reason for the uproar is being driven by a trouble-making father and a terrorist-supporting organization.

Mohamed El Hassan

Mohamed El Hassan

You see, Mohamed El Hassan (Ahmed’s father) is a “radical Muslim” sheikh whose claim to fame was to conduct a mock trial, as a defense attorney, in Florida against the “Reverend” Terry Jones.  His reward for his effort was to see his Koran burned before his eyes, which apparently shocked him.  Who could do such a thing?

Anyway, El Hassan has repeatedly been in midst of controversy, having run for President of his native country, Sudan, twice.  He lost both times.

In 2011, he engaged in a debate with Jihad Watch founder, Robert Spencer, on the subject of whether or not Islam respects human rights.  He lost that debate, badly, as well.

Which brings us to today.  El Hassan, finally finding an opportunity to bask in the national spotlight, has brought his Islamic message to the fore.  Capitalizing on his own son’s situation, which El Hassan most likely had a hand in creating, he went into full Muslim propaganda mode by accusing school officials and/or the police of “torturing” young Ahmed, among other things.

The icing to top off the proverbial cake in all of this was how sudden CAIR (the Council on American-Islamic Relations) became involved.  CAIR, in case you do not know, is a front group for the Muslim Brotherhood, which has been instrumental in supporting the terrorist organization Hamas.  It was classified as an “unindicted co-conspirator” in the Holy Land Foundation trial back in 2007.

Worse yet, both CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood have been deemed by the United Arab Emirates as terrorist groups.


CAIR representative, Alia Salem

CAIR spokeswomen Alia Salem argued that, “I think that this would not even be a question, if his name was not Ahmed Mohamed.”  It is all about him being Muslim.  Really?

So, if a kid by the name of Jim Bob Jones, who everyone knew was as staunch Christian, would have traipsed into any High School USA with the same kind of device that Ahmed did, that kid would have been given a pass, no questions asked?  Hardly.

In today’s world of school shootings, stabbings, and muggings, anytime anyone is deemed to be suspicious by school or law enforcement officials, you can bet that that student or person is going to pulled aside and queried as to his/her behavior, whether it is gnawing on a Pop-Tart to make it look like a gun or posting something on social media which threatens a whole school.

Therefore, the whole trumped up charge by CAIR, that little ol’ Ahmed was being targeted or profiled because he was a Muslim is nothing more than an attempt to further an agenda through media, and eventually legal, intimidation.  Nevertheless, it is what Muslims do when they are not in charge.

First, they set the stage for the unwary.  Create an instance of panic where only they have the solution.  Second, they capitalize on the emotional reactions, with the express hope that through deception of the mob and the media, they can impose policy changes to favor their own Islamic perspective to make it the norm.  Finally, when they have enough majority control, they begin to censor all opposing voices, including the dupes that initially supported them.  It is Shariah at its worst.

Clearly, this whole charade with Ahmed Mohamed, his father, and CAIR was carefully orchestrated.  Ahmed invented nothing, his father went from nothing to something, and CAIR was granted another platform to spread its deception.  Sadly, the left-leaning media sycophants immediately jumped into action to make sure one side of the story was told and everyone else was left scrambling for “the rest of the story.”

suitcase bomb

Don’t worry; it’s just a clock too.

The day is coming, though, when a Muslim, posing as a student, is going to walk into any one of a number of public High, Middle, or Elementary Schools and is going to murder hundreds of American children with his “invention,” and we will all have sweet, little, innocent Ahmed to thank.

Such is the price we will pay, and will continue to pay, so long as we keep sticking microphones in the faces of those who wish to kill those who know their ideology is based on the same fraud that constructed Ahmed’s “clock.”  Except, next time, it will not only be a clock, but something with more bang to it than the media gave to this sordid canard, as explosive and extraordinary as it became.

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