Sheep to the Slaughter Outside Irving Mosque

What was touted as a “rally of love” or “peace rally” outside an Irving mosque on Saturday, November 28, amounted to a stupefied concession that the sheep in attendance were sanctioning their eventual slaughter.

People from “all walks of life,” which clearly was not the case, showed up to demonstrate their solidarity with those poor, persecuted Muslims. You know, those who attend the Islamic Center of Irving, which also sponsors the Islamic School of Irving, and is led by an Imam (Zia Sheikh) who admits in his online biography that he is a member of the North American Imams’ Federation (NAIF).

The NAIF just happens to be a front group for the Muslim Brotherhood, which is actively involved in terrorist activities and plots all around the world. The local example of MB activity relative to Irving is the Holy Land Foundation trial in Dallas during 2007-08, where several Muslims were convicted of helping to fund the terrorist group Hamas.

Aside from the NAIF association of Zia Sheikh, the Islamic Center itself unabashedly distributes literature published by other Muslim Brotherhood front groups like the ICNA or Islamic Circle of North America. According to the ICNA Members Handbook, one of the goals of the Islamic Movement is Global, whereby, “Wherever the Islamic movement succeeds to establish true Islamic society, they will form coalition and alliances. This will lead to the unity of the Ummah and towards the establishment of the Khalifah.”

Of course, just what does the ICNA and the rest of the Muslim Brotherhood mean by “true Islamic society”? It means to wipe out any non-Muslim way of living or thinking, which is termed as “Jahiliyyah.” It is why MB spokesman Seyyid Qutb would write that, “Our mission is not to compromise with the practices of jahili society, nor can we be loyal to it. Jahili society, because of its jahili characteristics, is not worthy to be compromised with. Our aim is first to change ourselves so that we may later change the society.”

He sentiments dovetail perfectly with the MB Explanatory Memo discovered during the Holy Land Foundation trial, when it speaks of “eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within,” so that “God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.”

Yet, if one were to approach any of those peace-loving, flower children of the new millennia and ask them if they knew anything about NAIF, ICNA, the Muslim Brotherhood or had ever read the Koran or Hadith, one would be fortunate to find one that did. At that point, one would almost have to conclude that they were plants of the mosque. After all, “war is deceit,” claimed Muhammad.

Whatever the case, if all the sycophantic behavior was not staged, then a couple of things are worth noting. First, the real Muslim absolutely loves this kind of fawning, since it makes his goal that much easier to attain. He does not have to go the alternative route, which is sanctioned in Islam, or the route of violently destroying jahili society.

Second, liberal religionists will be among the first to either bow to Mecca, once the Muslim contingent garners enough support to politically and physically impose their beliefs on everyone. According to various news reports, atheists were linking arms with Christians at this rally, which is abject nonsense.

Anyone worth their Christian salt would never stand shoulder to shoulder with someone that shares the same kind of worldview as the Muslim, and that for the sake of eliminating another faction of jahiliyyah. Now, someone feigning to be a Christian, or simply wears the sobriquet on their sleeve might. But, a biblical Christian never would.

Those “progressives,” “millennials,” or just plain religious imposters who refuse to convert will be eliminated by those they believe are their friends. Those committed to the “Islamic Movement” will not tolerate the wishy-washy subjectivism of those believing in peace who do not commit to the “religion of peace.” Hence, they will be destroyed.

Some may argue that such talk is hyperbolic; that it is the product of “Islamophobia.” Such an argument, though, is naïve at best. For as Qutb, once again, tells us, the mission of Islam is to “annihilate” any political or religious system that stands in its way. “After annihilating the tyrannical force…Islam establishes a new social, economic and political system, in which the concept of the freedom of man is applied in practice.”

But, what Qutb and other Islamists mean by “freedom,” and what western society means by freedom are two, wholly different things.

That said, what we saw on Saturday, and will continue to see at the Irving Islamic Center, with all the hand-holding and placard-waving by the “brothers and sisters” of those wanting them “annihilated,” amounts to nothing more that stupid sheep leading themselves to the slaughter.

It is either that or the Muslims are playing propaganda games, which would not be surprising, given the gullibility of so many Americans who do not have a clue what is going on.

Either way, with the equally stupefied media covering and assisting the circus, the Muslim Brotherhood continues its advance toward establishing a “civilized society” in Irving or the elimination of the society current Irvingites, and others, customarily know as American.

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