The New Orleans Discriminatory Order To Wipe Out Discrimination

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu

In the godless world of secular government there is a never-ending double standard that exists for the express purpose to wipe biblical Christianity out of existence.

Another example of such hostility was expressed through the hypocritical pen of New Orleans mayor Mitch Landrieu recently.

Out of response to Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal and his effort to preserve religious freedom in that state, Landrieu issued an Executive Order that he assumed would prevent any assumed impropriety on the part of those wishing to uphold a Judeo-Christian view of marriage by discriminating against “gay” marriage.

The problem with Landrieu’s order is that it immediately fails to accomplish what he intended simply because it is discriminatory on its face.  It is what happens every time when the godless set out to make a moral or legal statement with themselves as the final standard for the precedent they wish to establish.

To discriminate basically means to differentiate between two persons or things based upon a particular standard of judgment.  Everyone is discriminatory hundreds of times a day on a variety of different things, some of which are as mundane as what to eat for breakfast or as eccentric as running a red light on the way to work.

So, when we come to Landrieu’s Executive Order, not only does one see one misleading statement after another, one sees just how discriminatory he was in concocting it.  He wants everyone to believe his motives were pure and that his directive is based on neutral grounds, but his words defy all of that as nonsense.

Instead of shredding his diatribe into little pieces, all one has to do is examine his fourth statement to realize just how hypocritical the whole order truly is.

He wrote, “WHEREAS, the freedom against discrimination on any basis is a matter of equal paramount importance to the fabric of New Orleans;” [emphasis added].  “On any basis,” Mr. Mayor?

Would that not include the Bible, Mr. Landrieu?  You know, the basis for the Christian faith that instructs Christians to discriminate between what is morally good and morally bad?

If so, then how can you possibility assert that New Orleans, and specifically yourself, is “inclusive,” when obviously such a directive would exclude Christians who base their moral decision-making upon biblical revelation?

Moreover, if New Orleans is supposed to be free of discrimination “on any basis,” then would that not also include this executive order, since obviously you, Mr. Mayor, had to differentiate between what you thought was morally right or morally wrong based one whatever standard you used to write up the order?

If your answer is “no,” then your fourth proviso is null and void, along with several of the others, since obviously there are some bases upon which to discriminate, and that just happens to be whatever you used to write up the order.  And just why should anyone abide by such an order given its hypocritical nature?

On the other hand, if your answer is “yes,” then once again, your order is rendered null and void, since according to you there will be no discrimination, and yet, the order is discriminatory.

It proffers a moral standard to differentiate between what you believe is right versus wrong, which is not allowable under this order, since to distinguish between right and wrong is to discriminate.

Clearly, Mr. Landrieu, the left-leaning political types, and the flaming homosexual crowd are caught in their own conundrum.  They do not want anyone rendering a moral decision against them, so they make up laws and language that they believe will prevent it.

Yet, by doing so, they become discriminatory themselves, or the very thing they supposedly set out to prevent when they sit down to write their laws and ordinances to impose upon those they do not want to hear from.

The reality is, we all discriminate, about all kinds of things, moral and otherwise.  The key to prevent hypocrisy from ruling the day is to base those moral decisions upon something objective, rather than manipulated lingo that is projected as objective, but is actually nothing more than preferential behavior.

There is nothing objective about this Executive Order of Mayor Landrieu.  It is emotionally-charged fluff that is unenforceable and should be challenged as such.

In fact, it serves as an example for all Christians to take notice and combat in a world where more and more of these kinds of laws are beingcontend for the faith passed, not for the good of society, but for the express purpose of silencing the Christian voice that is vehemently opposed by the morally perverse.

Christian, do not be silenced!  Think through what is being proposed and expose the hypocrisies and double standards for what they are.  You have the truth; use it!  Call a spade a spade and do not allow the godless to run roughshod over you.

Otherwise, the day will come when you will have forfeited your right to do what you have already been commanded to do, which is to defend the faith against the ungodly (1 Pet. 3:15; Jude 3), Mayor Mitch Landrieu and his discriminatory order against discrimination serving as a classic example.

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