The “Radical Muslim”: Getting it Bass Ackwards

Paul Derengowski, ThM


What exactly is a “radical Muslim”? We often hear about them in the news. Typically the designation is placed upon those who havCrazed Muslime committed some act of terror as a Muslim (e.g. beheading the innocent, car bombings, suicide bombings, etc.). Also we regularly assume that the act of terror is done in some far away land, where camels roam the deserts and building structures are at least 500 years-old. But is such a media-driven picture really accurate of what a “radical Muslim” is?

Over the years and after looking into the basic teachings of Islam it has become the position of CAPRO that the radical Muslim is not one who goes about beheading people or waging militant Jihad against the non-believer.

Instead the radical Muslim is one who demonstrates several key characteristics that are completely at odds with the media-driven image regularly portrayed to the general public. Those characteristics involve the Koran 5_33Koran, Muhammad, and the arbitrary teachings of the imams, sheikhs, and mullahs as based on the Koran and Shariah Law; all of which must be denied.

In order to be a “radical Muslim” one must first deny the teachings of the Koran, particularly those verses which explicitly tell the Muslim to “Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the last day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and his messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of truth, from among the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizyah with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued” (9:29).

Moreover, given the doctrine of abrogation (2:106; 16:101), which essentially means that all verses preceding the ones speaking of peace have beenKoran 47_4 done away with, one will be hard-pressed to conclude that the Muslim practicing peace with his neighbors is in conformity with the Koran.

Therefore, the “radical Muslim” becomes a person without any objective moorings. He cannot rely upon the Koran as a guide since it repeatedly speaks of doing violence to those in opposition to his religion.

Second, the “radical Muslim” must deny his prophet, Muhammad, for he was a strong advocate of conquering by the sword. Of course there are the militant Muslims who wish to paint a rosy picture of a peace-loving prophet who would only strike out against those who allegedly either offended or violently opposed his teachings.

But, such a picture is deceitful at best. For history shows that after Muhammad was able to garner enough financial and military support, his whole modus operandi changed from one of peace to threatening, intimidating, and murdering those who failed to submit to his rants. His threats, Koran 5_51intimidations, and murders are preserved for us not only in the Koran, but in the Hadiths and the Sunnahs (which are really nothing more than the practices derived from the Hadiths).

After Muhammad passed from the scene his successors carried on his tyranny. So, if one desires to be truly “radical” as a Muslim, he must deny or renounce Muhammad, his declarations, and his lifestyle.

Finally, the “radical Muslim” must deny the teachings of the imams, sheikhs, and mullahs who base their beliefs upon the Koran and Shariah Law. A day does not go by where one cannot find in the news or on YouTube an imam, sheikh, or mullah expressing a hateful comment directed toward the West or Israel.

These teachings extend back to the days of Muhammad when he engaged in hate rhetoric toward the infidels, Christians, and Jews, when he either Koran 8_39had them murdered, driven from the country, or subjected to the jizya (the poll tax).

Today’s imams, particularly those overseas (although a growing number of them are now in the United States), are just as hostile and anti-Semitic/anti-Christian as Muhammad ever was. Plus, as already noted above, there are repeated mandates and examples in the Koran and Hadiths to keep the incendiary comments flowing. These, however, must be rejected in order for one to be a “radical Muslim.”

Of course by now some might be saying, “But, to oppress, maim, and murder those who disagree with Islam is ‘radical.’ Islam is actually a ‘religion of peace.'”

Bukhari 4_102_196Such thinking has been conditioned by propaganda and is devoid of understanding the fundamental teachings of Islam. To oppress, maim, and murder is a part of Islamic doctrine, as seen above. Failure to recognize or acknowledge those basic tenets of the religion is to set oneself up to be deceived, and then to become a deceiver.

It does not discount the fact that there are millions in Islam who would not engage in such heinous activities. What it does is place the religious ideals of Islam in proper perspective and points out that the “radical” Muslim is the peaceful Muslim, not the suicidal bomber.

In other words,

Therefore, the media, government officials, and religious dupes have gotten it bass ackwards when using the expression “radical Muslim” or “radicalSahih Muslim 5_32_1 Islam.”

For the radical Muslim is NOT the one committing terrorist acts in his Jihad against the infidel. That kind of Muslim is the norm when one takes into consideration what Muhammad, the Koran, and the Hadiths prescribe in the quest to dominate the world.

It is the Muslim who denies those actions and condemns the persons obeying the Koranic mandates,that is the “radical Muslim.” Continued misuse of the expression will only contribute to the confusion of misidentifying who is doing what in the name of Islam, Muhammad, and Allah.

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