“The system worked…we wanted to fix that problem”

Posted by Paul Derengowski at Townhall.com

Sunday, December 27, 2009 at 12:00 p.m.

Confused yet? Homeland Security measures worked yesterday, only to be a problem that needs fixing today, at least according to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. In other words, she, likes so many in the Homeland Security Office, doesn’t have a clue about what really took place on Northwest Flight 253.

Oh, she knows some Nigerian (forget that he was a Muslim terrorist, and that his own father tried to warn Federal authorities about his Islamic ideology which fueled his terroristic actions) got on a plane and tried to turn it into wreckage over Detroit. Beyond that, she’s like the proverbial deer in the headlights: totally blind to reality.

First of all, since our government is now bending over backwards to appease groups like CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) and the Muslim Brotherhood to subordinate the U.S. Constitution beneath Shari’a Law, the security system to protect Americans from thugs like Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, Nidal Hassan, Hosam Smadi, Najibullah Zazi, Ramy Zamzam is a joke. Not only should none of these characters ever been afforded the opportunity to step on a plane or a military base to pull the stunts that they did. None of them, including CAIR, the ISNA, the ICNA, IIIT, MSA, Muslim Brotherhood of America, or any of the rest of them should even be allowed in this country.

Second, to be saying that there is a problem that needs to be fixed is a monumental understatement. Persons such as Janet Napolitano should be fired, and individuals such as North Carolina senator Larry Shaw should be tried and put in prison for conspiring with the enemy, namely CAIR. Moreover, every mosque in the United States should be placed under 24/7 electronic surveillance, and the imams and their congregations who object should be immediately deported to their favorite Muslim land where they can live out their dreams of being a real Islamist without any U.S. Constitutional hindrance.

Third, every Muslim should be profiled, and if caught breaking the law—even if it’s spitting on the sidewalk—should be deported or executed, depending on the level of offense. If deported that Muslim should be given the strict order “Don’t ever come back! You’re no longer welcome here!” If executed, then the rest of the Muslim community can thank Allah for the infidel sending the criminal (not martyr) to his reward. At least the rest of humanity won’t have to be concerned about him wreaking senseless havoc in this world anymore.

Some might say, why are you picking on the Muslims? Let me ask in return, what was Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s religious affiliation? Muslim. What was Nidal Malik Hassans’ religious affiliation? Muslim. What was Hosam Smadi’s religious affiliation? Muslim. What was David Coleman Headley’s religious affiliation? Muslim. What was Tahawwur Husain Rana’s religious affiliation? Muslim. What was Tarek Mehanna’s religious affiliation? Muslim. What was Najibullah Zazi’s religious affiliation? Muslim. What was Daniel P. Boyd’s religious affiliation? Muslim. What was Ramy Zamzam’s religious affiliation? Muslim. These are just some of the terrorist idiots that acted in conformity with real, genuine Islamic beliefs in 2009, to either maim or kill Americans.

The list itself is actually quite a bit longer that those reported by name in the news. And when one adds names like Dritan Duka, Shain Duka, Eljvir Duka, Mohamad Ibrahim Shnewer, Serdar Tatar and Agron Abdullahu, Daniel Maldonado, Kevin James, and Jose Padilla, going back to 2002, then to be asking a question like “why are you picking on the Muslims,” borders on stupidity of what is going on around them. There is not only probable cause that the next act of terrorism will come at the hands of those in the Muslim community, failure to profile the same community, and then act justly and swiftly, is to sign one’s own death warrant at the hands of these fine, wonderful, upstanding, law-abiding, “peaceful” Muslims.

Yes, the system worked, alright. It exposed a major weakness in ideological thought. In fact, it worked so well that it almost brought down another airliner. Whether we choose to really fix the problem is another thing. Frankly, until Americans have had enough of the Janet Napolitano’s doublespeak, as well as the Barak Obama’s that put her into office, then nothing is going to change. And because of American unwillingness to do anything truly substantive, Muslim terrorist attacks are rising exponentially. Don’t be surprised to see or hear of another major attack on or around New Year’s Day. After all, no one should be focused solely on New Year’s festivities and bowl games without a little mayhem and grief mixed in as well. That is, at least according to the militant Muslim way of thinking and those in our government blindly protecting it.

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