To Defeat Hillary Clinton

All kinds of gibberish is filling the airwaves on what Donald Trump must to do defeat Hillary Clinton in November for Presidency of the United States.

“He must keep his head low.”  “He needs to quit attacking the Khan family.”  If he would this or if he would do that, then he could sway the Bernie Sanders voters or the undecideds.

What unmitigated nonsense!

The fact of the matter is, whether it is Donald Trump or Bozo the Clown, it is not a matter of what they need to do to defeat Hillary.

It is what decent-minded Americans need to do, starting with those the Electoral College, who will ultimately decide the future of America, that will lead to Hillary’s demise.

What we, as Americans, need to ask ourselves is if character matters, and if lying is an acceptable character trait.

Because if lying is unacceptable to a reasonable people, then by default Hillary should be nowhere on anyone’s mind as a viable candidate and that regardless of who is running against her, so long as that person is not a liar as well.

Hillary is a pathological liar, has a long history of lying to the American people, and will continue to lie, so long as the American people allow her to do it, even if that means to become the President.

She lied about Benghazi.  She lied about all the emails on her personal server.  She lied about her stance on homosexual marriage.  She lied about being shot at by snipers in Bosnia.  She lied about being in debt upon leaving the White House.  She lied to cover up all of Bill’s adulterous trysts.  She lied about her own tryst with Vince Foster, which ended in his suspicious death.  She is lying today about the Clinton Foundation and the millions it pilfers to support her lavish lifestyle.

Hillary, in other words, is incapable of the telling the truth.  Telling the truth is absolutely necessary for the survival of the nation.

So, while the media, public relations machines, and armchair advisors all keep focusing on Donald Trump and his endless gaffes, the only thing that is really important is Hillary and her penchant for lying.

If Americans are hoodwinked into believing that it is incumbent upon someone else and what they must do to defeat Hillary, then those diverting attention away from her and her habitual propensity to lie will be successful, and the only ones to blame, should Hillary become President, are those same Americans.

Do not be a dupe!  Hillary’s lies are too obvious to ignore and too egregious to allow for her promotion.

Failure to realize that fact will result in Americans being served by a liar, or more like, Americans being subjected to the service of a liar.  And her tyranny, much like her compulsive willingness to lie, will know no bounds.

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President, Christian Apologetics Project
PhD Candidate, Northwest University (2018)
MA Apologetics w/ Honors, BIOLA University (2005)
ThM, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (2003)
MDiv, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (2000)
BA Pastoral Ministry & Bible, Baptist Bible College (1992)

2 Comments on "To Defeat Hillary Clinton"

  1. Sit back. Enjoy the entertainment value of the crowning of queen Hillary. God is ultimately in control, but here on Satan’s playground, one of his evil corroding threads is the Clinton “machine”. The corrosion of our God-ordained nation’s Christ compass has been hidden under the evil one’s foot for some time now. I am going to vote against her coronation. But don’t forget God will still be in control -no matter how lost we seem to be.

    • Exactly so. Thanks for chiming in, Stan. Hope to hear from you again, sometime, before “queen Hillary” completely shuts down the freedom to express ourselves.

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