Why Does it Really Matter?

Thursday evening I am enjoying dinner with an old High School friend a thousand miles away from the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.  The food was great, but the conversation was even better, as we go back a long time and do not really get to see each other that often.

Friday morning, after spending the night at his place, I turn on the television in the guest bedroom to catch up on the news and maybe a weather forecast, as my wife and I are headed home.  Two weeks of living in a suitcase, that is construed as “vacation,” was up and it was time to get back to our little corner of the world.

It was not long until the anchors opened their news segment with “Breaking News,” reporting that 12 Dallas officers had been “ambushed,” with five of them deceased.  Of course, I was surprised, saddened, and wondering; were the Muslims up to their old, sick, tricks again?

No, it was not the Muslims.  It was simply a disgruntled, mentally disturbed, black racist that President Obama and his ilk applauded through the President’s veiled comments about the need for gun control, after all the smoke had cleared.

Micah Xavier Johnson, an ex-military vet, decided to take matters into his own hands over the incidences in Baton Rouge and Minneapolis, where police officers shot and killed two black males, one of which was a seedy character with a long rap sheet (Alton Sterling) and the other (Philando Castile) was carrying a weapon and made some ill-advised moves after being pulled over during a traffic stop.

Both Sterling’s and Castile’s deaths are under investigation.  So, it is going to be some time before anyone really knows what led up to them being shot, and that despite the usual social media videos, reconstruction of the narratives, and constant spin by those who believe they are entitled to receive preferential treatment, that do not tell us much of anything.

Johnson claimed, just prior to his demise by police officials who gave him the option to give up or be blown up, that he was not working with anyone.  He just wanted to retaliate, in racist fashion, by killing as many white police officers as possible and that would solve what?

We will never know, since Johnson chose the latter option and a robot brought some C4 to his momentary attention and in short order he was no longer a cop killer, a racist, or an anarchist.  He was simply dead.

That said, however, there are still innumerable cop killer wannabes, racists, and anarchists waiting in the wings to keep the whole sordid tale going.

One person asked, “When will it end?’ in response to the false narrative that has been fomented by Barak Obama over the years, as he speaks with a forked tongue about the greatness of police officers and the work they do, while damning them for their alleged racist motives.

A better question is, Why does is really matter what ends or what persists?

Because as long as Americans keep electing and protecting government officials who are as corrupt as corrupt can be, then it does not matter whether one black street thug or an egotistical white cop gets killed or arrested for doing the stupid things they do.

Moreover, as long as Americans keep allowing their children to be “educated” by those whose main agenda is the subversion of America, then it does not matter whether one black or white boy or girl grows up being either a felon with a rap sheet as long as your left arm or a rabid member of the KKK.

Finally, as long as American churches, denominations, and organizations are operated by those who circumvent, distort, and compromise the Gospel of Jesus Christ, then it does not matter if blacks are killing blacks, whites are killing blacks, blacks are killing whites, or whites are killing whites.

As goes the church, so goes society.  And if the church reeks of hell, then so will the world.

Jesus characterized the time of “great tribulation,” or that period of direness just prior to God’s final judgment upon evil and all evil doers, as one of increasing lawlessness; so much so that “the love of many will grow cold” (Matt. 24:12).

All of this nonsense that happened in Dallas, Baton Rouge, Baltimore, Minneapolis, etc., is only a foretaste of things to come.

Thankfully, “the one who endures to the end, he shall be saved!” (Matt. 24:13).  It is the only hope for a world bound for antinomian destruction.

Are you prepared to endure?

Now, back to post-vacation recovery.



LA Times reporters Laura J. Nelson and Nigel Duara have written,

Micah Xavier Johnson, a 25-year-old black man, showed interest in groups affiliated with the black separatist movement. He had “liked” Facebook pages for the founder of Nation of Islam and for the Black Riders Liberation Party, which are classified as hate groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Some have interpreted that to mean that he was affiliated with those terrorist organizations, which is probably a stretch.  However, if he was, then the Muslims were back up to their old, sick tricks again, which would come as no surprise.

Eventually, the truth will come out.  Just be ready for all the denials, obfuscations, and misdirections to make sure everyone is left with the impression that Islam is a “religion of peace,” rather than a religion of manipulation and violence, as it uses the angry and naive to carry out its nefarious agenda of subversion.

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