World Religions

World ReligionsAlthough the world has gotten smaller with the help of technological advances, very few people in the West have an adequate understanding the religious worldviews of those in the East. In fact, common stereotypes abound, which see the Buddhists as nothing more than ascetic monks, draped in saffron robes and bald heads meditating all day before a portly statue of their spiritual guide, the Buddha himself. Little thought is given otherwise, with the assumption that all worldviews lead to the same source, all things being equal.

This portion of CAPro attempts to dispel the many false notions regarding what the world religions represent. From a Christian perspective all of the world religions, Christianity excluded, represent a humanist attempt to circumvent the plan, purpose, and person of God whereby the adherent actually believes that he or she may become either deity or that through sacrificial effort may be absorbed into the great beyond without having to ever face judgment for sin.

Some might argue that several of the world’s religions have preceded Christianity by thousands of years. Therefore, Christians and Christianity cannot stand in judgment of that which preceded them and it. Moreover, what Christianity teaches is simply a copy of those religions, with a minor twist to make Christianity what it is. Such thinking, though, is short-sighted to say the least. Again, this will be demonstrated as one reads through the articles provided.

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