The Gospel of John: Jesus Begins His Ministry

John 1:36-51

Most people find the calling of Jesus' disciples by Jesus a rather mundane episode in the life of Jesus himself.

However, John's report of their call is anything but mundane.

In our home Bible study of John's gospel one sees not only the continued lofty acclaim made by the writer of John, but of those who came to be his closest followers.

A life-lesson that can be learned from the call to discipleship is that one's calling is not about the called, but the caller.

It comes as no surprise that they would assert that he was the Rabbi ("teacher), the Son of God, and the Son of Man, all of which pointed to his divine nature as the Messiah!

On Homosexual Marriage

Recently the Supreme Court has heard the latest arguments by several parties concerning the issue of homosexual marriage. A final decision is expected in June. Until then, the following question is asked in lieu of threats by those holding to the traditional view of marriage between one man and one woman, who are making it clear that even if such a law is passed, they will not abide by it. What is your answer?

Should the definition of marriage be redefined to include homosexual unions?

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