GoFundMe Fundraiser Update 5-20-15

We're a little over 42% of the way in raising the necessary funds to put together a quality Internet Christian station/program that deals with biblical teaching and a defense of the Christian faith.

Thanks to everyone, so far, for their sacrificial commitments.

For everyone else, will you please make your contribution by clicking on the GoFundMe link in the sidebar?

If not, will you at least share the link on a social network of yours?

You just may be surprised whose life you touched for eternity one day.

On Homosexual Marriage

Recently the Supreme Court has heard the latest arguments by several parties concerning the issue of homosexual marriage. A final decision is expected in June. Until then, the following question is asked in lieu of threats by those holding to the traditional view of marriage between one man and one woman, who are making it clear that even if such a law is passed, they will not abide by it. What is your answer?

Should the definition of marriage be redefined to include homosexual unions?

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