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Part IIa: The Immorality of Homosexuality: Levitical Law

Sin of Sodom

Part II: The Immorality of Homosexuality: Sodom & Gomorrah

Gay Parade

Why States Are Losing the Same-Sex Marriage Debate (Part I)

Atheism: The Case Against God

The Atheist's Teeny-Tiny Naturalistic Straw Man



Barak Obama: The Islamic State's Best Friend


Red Flag Warning

Atheism: The Belief of Convenience



The Atheist: Quintessential Relativist & Sociopath?


Ice Bucket Challenge

Ice Bucket Challenge: Raising Awareness or Simply a Big Rip-off?


Play Doh Jesus

Why the Biblical Jesus is an Offense to Non-Christian World Religions


Mormon Jesus and his twin

Why the Biblical Jesus is an Offense to Cultists


Crucify Jesus

Why the Biblical Jesus is an Offense to "Christians"


Apathy: America's #1 Enemy

The #1 Enemy That WILL Bring America Down

Jesus is God


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Religion in the News

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Biblical Forgiveness vs. Mormon Forgiveness

The Trinity


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