Ex-Muslims: Three stories of losing faith in Islam

Leaving Islam is no easy endeavor. In fact, it carries with it the death penalty in Muslim dominated countries. Such is even admitted by one Muslim spokesman in the video.

In this BBC documentary, my friend, Mohammad Fyaz, and two other former Muslims (Amal and Sara) share their journeys out of Islam.

It is heartbreaking in the respect that those former Muslims who find faith in the Jesus of the Bible are ostracized and shunned by their families, much like one often hears happens to those among Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses.

So, please take the time to watch the video and then pray for Muahmmad, Amal, Sara, and millions of other former and about to become former Muslims.

God is moving in the Muslim world to save some. What all fellow Christians can do is support them when the Muslim takes his/her first step of faith to follow the only one who assured them that they can be forgiven and have eternal life.

On Homosexual Marriage

Recently the Supreme Court has heard the latest arguments by several parties concerning the issue of homosexual marriage. A final decision is expected in June. Until then, the following question is asked in lieu of threats by those holding to the traditional view of marriage between one man and one woman, who are making it clear that even if such a law is passed, they will not abide by it. What is your answer?

Should the definition of marriage be redefined to include homosexual unions?

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