Brexit the grand illusion

Brexit: The Grand Illusion

First of all, kudos to the common people of Britain for voting to leave the European Union.  Their decision to leave the social experiment of one-world government will be worth the effort, if it truly succeeds. I write “if” for the simple reason that despite the decision to secede, the vote was not overwhelming (52%), the main centers of London and Oxford wanted to “remain” locked in the jaws of centralized governing, and Parliament itself will take “years” to undo all the damage of the past 30 to fully extricate the Brits from the decisions that have crippled her. Two…

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Gay Rag

Admire the Gay Rag Only to Keep Ignoring the Real Issue: Islamic Terrorism

Here we are one week later and many are still in denial of what the real issue is behind the Muslim attack in Orlando, Florida, which is Islamic terrorism. Instead, certain factions in society have tried desperately, and sometimes with a fair amount success, to make guns the issue, Donald Trump the issue, or even the Second Amendment to the Constitution the issue. Most recently, the City of Tampa has fallen victim to the misdirection, like many others, by making homosexuality the issue. County Commissioners decided to fly a rainbow flag outside the county center until the end of June…

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Southern Baptists Crawl into Bed with Islamic Terrorists

Leadership in the Southern Baptist Convention has lost its collective mind. Most recently in New Jersey, the SBC, along with the International Mission Board, as well as The National Association of Evangelicals (not SBC), decided to jump into the fray of battling a local township (Bernards) over whether to allow the building of an Islamic mosque. The battle between Basking Ridge, New Jersey officials and the mosque’s founder, Dr. Mohammad Ali Chaudry, started some four years ago with the purchase of a four-acre parcel of land and the proposal to raise the house on the property and construct a mosque…

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Orlando, Muslim Terrorism, and Death: Ho-Hum, Here We Go Again

  As I sit here writing about the latest Muslim slaughter that took place this morning in Orlando, Florida, I do so with a sense of ho-hum. Many of us have been through this so many times, now, that it seems superfluous to have to repeat oneself, when we already know the chorus, stanza, and refrain by heart. A Muslim terrorist with terrorist ties pays a visit to a crowded.  He shoots and kills a bunch of people.  The media gets so excited about the blood and guts that it cannot get its stories straight.  The President goes on television…

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Muhammad Ali surprised in hell

When “the Greatest” Met the Greatest: The Passing of Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali (aka Cassius Clay) passed away a couple of days ago, as all people eventually do. He claimed to be the “greatest” boxer of all time, or least during his era, when he was boxing.  That is probably true, as very few actually ever beat him in the ring. Aside from being a great boxer, though, he was more likely known for his many sound bites, most of which were for show, if not simply annoyance.  He was the consummate “trash talker.” Of course, there was the usual plethora of media coverage involving his passing.  One has to wonder,…

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