Egyptian Isis

Thank the Pagans for Christian Origins

By Paul Derengowski Yep, that is right.  We need to be thankful for all the pagan movements of yesteryear (Egyptian, Greek, Roman, etc.) for the person of Jesus and the formation of Christian origins. Jesus is a pagan construct along with all the stories about his conception and birth, as…

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It Matters What You Trust

Yesterday, an article was written to demonstrate just how far askew the artist formerly known as Prince was in his religious belief system. He was an avowed Jehovah’s Witness and Jehovah’s Witnesses either deny or distort every major biblical doctrine that forms the basis of historic, orthodox Christianity. Needless to…

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The Passing of the Artist Formerly Known as Prince

Prince Roger Nelson, also simply known as Prince (or formerly, depending on the weirdness of his own declaration) is dead. He passed away on Thursday amid speculation that drugs were involved.  Initially, it was reported that he was suffering from flu symptoms.  Time will eventually tell. Many are beside themselves…

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