Why Atheists Cannot be Objectively Moral

To steal or not to steal, that is the question.  To murder or not to murder, that is the question.  To lie or not to lie, that is the question. The lists of moral do’s and don’ts could go on endlessly with varying explanations for the conclusions drawn. That is,…

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Dearborn Pigshead Protest

The Latest “Christian”–Muslim Conflict at Dearborn

It has been reported in the press that the latest on-going conflict between a group of “Christians,” who label themselves “Bible Believers,” and local Muslims in Dearborn, Michigan has been settled in court. Back in 2012 the “Bible Believers” contingent showed up at a festival the Muslims hold in Dearborn…

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I've Lost My Mind That I Never Had

The Absent-minded Atheist

“Show me the evidence that your god exists.”  “Your god doesn’t exist, because you can’t show me any proof.”  “All you do is believe in fairy tales.  Science proves it.” If we have heard these comments once, we have heard them a thousand times, in the atheist’s long war against…

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