“Family Friendly” Halloween

Halloween: That time of the year when the dead supposedly wander the earth more freely, the pagans get all giddy about being one with mother nature (again), and Christians throw the Bible to the wind and join in on all the revelry.

This year, though, a phrase caught my eye, as one news outlet was reporting on the request for more “family friendly” places for all the children to go to gather their treats.

Apparently, there is still some fear out there that little Johnny or Suzie might catch a razor blade in an apple or find a Snickers bar laced with rat poison and we just cannot have that happening during the festivities.

Forget the history of paganism and the occult behind Halloween. Forget the idolatry. Forget the further desensitization toward evil. As long as the little tykes and naive adults get their candy and party time in, that is all that matters.

Halloween is what you make it; it is not what it is. All is relative.

Which is why seeking “family friendly” settings really does not make any sense. If all is relative and Halloween is not about the demonic, then why should anyone have to seek for safety?

Just relativize the razor blades and the rat poison. Make them fun too! If a child happens to slice his tongue on a single-edge, everyone break out in gleeful laughter.

If the kid bleeds to death, relativize that too. He is just putting on a clever act that goes right along with the whole Halloween schtick. Besides, death and dying isn’t real, if you don’t want it to be.

Over, and over, and over we see in the Bible Jesus dealing with demons, the devil, and the havoc they wreak upon both the suspecting and unsuspecting.

Demons and the devil are not characters that anyone should be messing with or attempting to lord over, like so many charlatans we see on television from time-to-time, as they demonstrate their fake Pentecostal prowess.

Moreover, the Christian is forbidden from imitating evil by dressing up, in Halloween fashion, as someone that they are not, just so they can participate in “Trunk-or-Treat.”

Christians are to “abstain from every appearance of evil,” as the Apostle Paul commanded (1 Thess. 5:22).

Christians are supposed to be different that the rest of the world, not imitators of it, and Halloween is just about as worldly as it comes.

What started out as a quasi-Christian holiday has now morphed into a yearly ritual that robs the world of its finances ($2.5 billion) and the Christian of his reputation.

But, then again, who cares? Remember, all is relative. Let’s all just do what is right in our own eyes and as long as we make it “family friendly,” then that makes Halloween okay.

If I recall correctly, doing what was right in one’s own eyes was descriptive of another people, who also involved themselves in the occult, irrespective of God’s commands, and it cost them dearly.

I wonder who that was? See Judges 17:6 and 21:25.

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