Garland Mayor Now in Denial

Doug Athas, Garland_Mayor

Garland Mayor Doug Athas

By now you probably have heard or read that both Islamic terrorists have been identified, who attempted to commit murder on Sunday evening in Garland, Texas.

Of course, all kinds of speculation has followed, and the secular media is doing its best to refrain from reporting that Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi were Muslims, just doing their thing, as the Koran instructed them to do.

Perhaps the most sickening thing coming out of all of this is the Garland Mayor’s devolution into denial.  Not only is he denying reports or admissions that ISIS had anything to do with Sunday evening’s events, he is now denying that the event itself was in the best interests of every American alive today, let alone the citizens of Garland.

In a FOX News interview, Athas stated in response to the ISIS admission, “I think it would be very easy for them to take claim and still have nothing to do with it…Certainly, I don’t know of any evidence that linked them to actually having had a part in this.”

Really, Mr. Mayor?  Is not the fact that both men were Muslim evidence?  Is not ISIS a Muslim-run organization evidence? Has not ISIS put everyone on notice that this kind of thing would happen evidence?  Has not ISIS been in the business of shooting, beheading, and burning people alive for several months, now evidence?  Have not the followers of Muhammad been doing the same thing for the past 1,400 years evidence?

Oh, that’s right.  The only real Muslims are the peaceful, fun-loving kind, and they do not show up at events with guns cocked and ready to blow people away because the Muslim sensibilities were tweaked by someone else drawing a cartoon.

So, Mr. Mayor, just what were those two individuals, if they were not Muslims?  And just what motivated them to show up and do what they did, if it was not the twisted commentary found in the Koran?  They surely were not Christians, as much as I’m absolutely certain you would love to pin this whole sordid event upon them.  So, what were they, if they were not Muslims, and Muslim history and Koranic indoctrination is not evidence?

Elsewhere, Athas would say is a derisive manner toward Pam Gellar, the organizer of the Draw Muhammad event in Garland, “Certainly in hindsight, we as a community would be better off if she hadn’t.  It was an event not for Garlandites or Texans.

“Her actions put my police officers, my citizens and others at risk. Her program invited an incendiary reaction.

“She picked my community which does not support in any shape, passion or form, her ideology.”

So, Mr. Mayor, standing up for freedom to speak or express oneself did not make your fair city a better place, but the event in January, where you allowed known Muslim terrorists to use the very same building where this event took place, did make Garland “better off”?

Are you insinuating that Garland residents sympathize with Muslim tyranny and violence, and should do nothing to stand up against them?

And who amongst the cartoonists was carrying the assault rifles?  Moreover, at what point is murder permissible, in your estimation?  In fact, which of the two puts your citizenry at greater risk of bodily harm: the person drawing a cartoon or the person drawing a weapon because he hates the person who drew the cartoon?

Finally, you say your community does not support Pamela’s ideology, which by implication means that you assume your community does endorse the ideology of the two who showed up ready for murder.

Are you sure about that, Mr. Mayor?  Or are you just mouthing-off because you just can’t tolerate the thought actually having to grow a spine and stand-up to those who have been snookering you all along?

The fact of the matter is, Mr. Mayor, the terrorist-types love your kind.  You stand for nothing, while you speak great swelling words every few years when it is time to get re-elected.  So, they know they can depend on you to do nothing, even when they are carrying out their subversive agendas right under your nose.

Instead of damning Pamela Gellar and Robert Spencer for holding the event, you should have commended them.  Not only did they act the part of law-abiding Americans exercising their God-given right of free speech, what they did was bring to the surface two of probably thousands of these kinds of characters who are stealthily waiting for their opportunities to succeed in wreaking their brand of terror elsewhere.

Of course, such commendation is beyond you, Mr. Mayor, and for that I pity you and those whom you allegedly represent and serve.  For your condemnatory commentary is ultimately self-defeating.  What you assume is wrong is actually right, and what you assume is right is actually wrong.

You are in bed with those who would just as soon take your life, as to preserve it, and you are just too blind to see it.  You are caught up in a delusional world of denial; a world that only fosters what the real Muslim is hoping for, if we are all not more diligent and careful.

Here is hoping that one day you will reconsider and retract your inane comments, Mr. Mayor.  If you really want to prevent putting your citizens at risk, then do what the Irving Mayor did recently, and stand up to those who are undermining the very thing you swore to when you took office, which is to uphold the law, as undergirded by the State of Texas and the Constitution of the United States.

If you refuse to do any of those things, then please do the City of Garland a service and step down.  It might be the most courageous and honorable thing you have done since taking office.

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