Mormonism, Donald Trump, and Inauguration Day

The Mormons are coming to entertain everyone at the next Presidential inauguration and the homosexual crowd does not like it one bit.

Yes, the famed Mormon Tabernacle Choir has been invited to perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony on January 20, 2017, but such an appearance is not sitting well with the sodomites and lesbians, since they have worked so hard for years to get Mormon Church officials to waffle on their stance related to “gay” issues, and for the MTC to now accept the invitation is tantamount to taking a step backward in undoing all of the “progress.”

Just a word to “gay” community; do not worry; the Mormon Church is not as “conservative,” much less grounded in the truth, as you all seem to think.

Anyway, although as troubling as all of that might be to some, a greater cause of concern involves the many who claim to be Christians that do not see a problem, whatsoever, that the Mormons are being granted another grand opportunity to hoodwink Americans all over again.

According to one report, some Mormons were giddy over the prospect of having a “high profile platform to help the country pull together.”

Really?  Mormonism has been a religious pariah ever since it reared its ugly head back in the early 1830s and only those completely naive of its false prophecy, polygamy, counterfeiting, murder, theft, and thuggery would falsely assume that it could bring anything together, much less a country.

To many “Christians,” the Mormons showing up to inaugurate the President is no big deal.  After all, the Mormons did it with Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, and “G-dub.”

Why go looking for trouble when there is none to be found or why cause headaches when we can all just sit around and sing Kumbaya with the Choir?

With that kind of reasoning, one could ask in return: Well, if that is how you really feel about the truth, then you probably would not have a problem with inviting some other equally notorious characters to the inauguration, now would you?

For example, how about we invite Charlie Manson to the gig?  He only has a few years left to live, is a cult leader in his own right, has some pretty interesting things to say that are on a par with a lot of the weirdness the Mormons claim is Christian, and he has been known to write a few tunes of his own.

Besides, he has been also known to relate to both Jesus and the Devil or something the Mormons are intimately familiar with by arguing that Jesus and Satan are “spirit brothers.”  So, why not get the best of all worlds and have Charlie come to entertain?

Or, perhaps we could let Warren Jeffs out of the slammer for a little while to help us enjoy the festivities.  He could bring along one of his child brides, and after a short conjugal visit with her, he could sing us all a tune that not only the Mormon Tabernacle Choir would understand, but would accurately reflect just where he received his message: Mormon Church founder, Joseph Smith.

And if those two are not enough, we could invite Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi; you know, the current recognized leader of ISIS.  Since Joseph Smith prophesied that he would be the “Second Mohamet,” not only will the Mormon faithful understand, so will their spirit brethren, the Muslims.  Oh, what a happy occasion it will be for one and all.  Fruits, flakes, and nuts for everyone!

Oh, and there was no need to go “looking for trouble,” because trouble is all around us.  It is just a matter of whether or not those who love the truth are going to be consistent in addressing it or whether they will stick their head in the sand and pretend it does not exist.

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir performing at Donald Trump’s inauguration as the next President of the United States is trouble, if not troubling.

It is symptomatic that spiritual fraud and deception are acceptable.

But, then again, given that Donald Trump has another spiritual fraud in the person of Paul White advising him, then it should not come as a surprise that the Mormons would show up to lend their two cents worth to the charade as well.Paula White

Although Donald Trump is a distinct upgrade from the mean-spirited, narcissistic, liar who would have been the alternative, and despite the many otherwise excellent selections he has made to fill his cabinet, it is quite clear that his spiritual discernment apparatus is woefully lacking.

Worse yet, for those do not have a problem with allowing Mormonism to be peddled on the national stage, while it holds hands with the homosexual lobby, it is equally clear that those same persons are lacking spiritual discernment, as well.

But, then again, who really cares about spiritual discernment anyway?  That type of thing is only for those looking for trouble, where there is none, and who only make people’s heads ache, when they should not.

And heaven knows, no one should cause anyone’s heads to ache by making people think.  After all, thinking effects our feelings and feelings is what really counts these days, not facts.

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