The World Has Lost Its Collective Mind

That’s right.  I wrote it and it’s true.  The world has gone crazy, having relinquished whatever little sanity it had and has lost its collective mind.

Whereas only a few short weeks ago the world was teetering on a nervous breakdown, recent events have made it clear that it has surpassed the delusional state and has now entered the realm of insanity.

A few examples are worth noting that prove nuttiness has replaced semi-normalcy and if therapy is not sought, we all may be in grave danger of being fruit-caked to death.Alton Sterling Criminal Records

Criminals, like Alton Sterling and Micah Xavier Johnson, are being lauded as heroes because they shared a particular skin color, even though the former was a convicted statutory rapist and felon (several times over) and the latter murdered five Dallas police officers during a rampage on the evening of July 7.  In fact, in Johnson’s case, a former Miss Alabama exalted him as a “martyr,” until she retracted her insane comment after receiving criticism.  Perhaps someone told her that martyrs do not die with sniper rifles in their hands after killing innocent police officers.

Hillary Clinton, who should be convicted, is being allowed to walk away unscathed from her endless lies to investigators regarding the harboring of classified information on her personal computer servers that she set up in the basement of her home. The reason cited by FBI Director James Comey was that there was no “intent” on her part to engage in “careless” mishandling of the secret documents, and since there is no precedence, there would be no charges brought.  Of course, now a precedent has been established, whereby as long as the appearance of “intent” is lacking, then our political officers can commit all kinds of offenses without possible prosecution.

In Nice, France, another Muslim terrorist decided to reek some more of the usual Islamic havoc many have grown accustomed to seeing by driving a large box truck through a crowd of revelers on Bastille Day, July 14.  Aside from the tragedy of killing 84, two of which were Americans (a father and 11 year-old son), the media consistently and continually avoided any reference to the fact that a Muslim planned out and perpetrated the massacre, and that after ISIS claimed him as a “warrior.”  Worse yet, French President Hollande promised upscaled retribution, probably by bombing ISIS again in Syria and Afghanistan, even though the real problem seems to be him, as he, like many westerners believe that will solve the Islamic threat, while they fail to address the Islamization in their own countries.

The country of Turkey underwent a few hours of excitement on July 15, when Turkey’s military decided to stage a coup and unseat Muslim dictator and President Recep Erdogan.  Erdogan has slowly, over the years, slid more toward his Islamic allegiances and making the country more “conservative,” which meant wanting to pass laws critical of Islam (“Islamophobia”).  According to some, Erdogan has imprisoned numerous journalists for their outspoken criticisms of him and his leadership.  So, the last hope of overturning his heavy-handed rule was carried out by the military.  As of this writing, nearly 200 people had been killed and over 700 military personnel had been taken into custody.  Erdogan has promised severe reprisals.  Look for a lot of heads to roll, literally, in the days and months ahead.

Last, and certainly not least, 72 year-old Mick Jaggar will be bringing another illegitimate child (his eighth) into the world with his 29 year-old girlfriend (her first).  Jaggar has only been married once (and divorced), while this most recent paramour (Melanie Hamrick) has not been married before, nor are they planning on it.  In fact, he will be going back to London and she is headed for either Los Angeles or Connecticut.  He does not want to be in another “formal relationship” and she seems content with not having to wake up alongside the living dead.  Apparently he still “can’t get no satisfaction,” but she certainly managed to get herself a sugar daddy—of the most disgusting kind.

Yes, the world has officially lost its collective mind.  Murderers, liars, thugs, adulterers, and sexual deviants are running the prison, while the rest of us keep looking for the warden in absentia.

On second thought, he has been spotted out on the links again, taking his duties so seriously.  So, never mind.

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BA Pastoral Ministry & Bible, Baptist Bible College (1992)

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