Galatians 1:11-24 — Paul’s Personal Defense: Part 1

Paul the Apostle message drew the ire of those in the legalistic camp of the Jews to the extent where they intentionally maligned his character. It is typical behavior of those incapable of dealing with the message, so they resort to attacking the messenger instead. Ironically, it is was Paul himself engaged in prior to God’s calling and conversion on his way to Damascus.

In this lesson, Paul sets out to defend his reputation as an Apostle by enlightening the Galatian believers of his miraculous spiritual transformation. Not only does Paul deny the charges that his message was of human origin, but that he was not the bald-faced liar that the legalists wished to project upon him. Because Paul’s message was authentically apostolic and genuinely consistent, those who once feared Paul’s persecution, now were compelled to glorify God because of him.

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